Oct 30, 2012

Stryper, Rolling Stones, Queen & more!

By Bob Suehs


”Exit Sign” (Single)

The debut single from Baltimore based Fatally Yours which is entitled “Exit Sign” has a strong rhythm to it, chunky guitar tone and a catchy chorus. The song is an introspective journey on a lyrical level while the music is straight up modern hard rock with a tad bit of alt. rock influence.

The bands sound is actually unique to the Maryland music scene & something a bit different and fresh.... their live debut is slated for December so be on the look out for Fatally Yours and check them out at www.fatallyyoursofficial.com


”Live In Budapest - Hungarian Rhapsody” - Blu Ray/2 cd set

Track Listing:

This was the last full Queen show ever captured professionally on video & what I’ll point out real fast is that the audio cd’s capture a few songs that were not recorded at the show so this is actually not a totally complete concert video although it’s close!

What’s interesting that the band are playing a stadium in this concert film & they lose some of that gritty charm that a rock n roll band has on a smaller stage because seeing the band play on a monster stage before an insane amount of people you kinda lose the raw power the band had on a song like “Tie Your Mother Down” & many songs on this set come off like greatest hits because they are played on such a large scale that the harder side of Queen was lost.

The impromptu jams like “Your So Square” by Elvis & “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard are rare gems & I never realized Queen would jam like that & toss out covers to make the show fun....Freddie is the star of the show though!

Brian May’s guitar 7 minute guitar solo was a bit of a let down because I was hoping he’d play a random selection of solo’s but sadly he played a rather ambient & subdued solo that kinda bored me.

What I will tell you hands down is that this IS the definitive Queen live package & it’s a must have for all Queen fans because you get it all with this set!


”Under Review - 1975 - 1983 - The Ronnie Wood Years (pt 1)” DVD

Track Listing:

This documentary on The Rolling Stones emphasizes on the Ronnie Wood era of the band & it highlights just exactly how Ronnie really saved the band from falling apart after Brian Jones death.

There’s a ton o’ archival footage but sadly much of the bands music was not used in this documentary because it was not authorized by the band but the interviews, pics & overall production was quite good from a fan stand point.


This movie is interesting because it’s not really a full on horror movie & I’ll spoil it by saying the Priest is the killer!!!!!

The last 20 minutes of the movie are the best because that’s where the action starts...the movie starts out with a black girl slitting her wrist in the bathtub and I give it to the director of this film because they do lay out a decent plot, there’s a story & while it’s a b-movie it still maintains a certain level of cinematography although there were moments where the movie did drag just a little it was overall a fun watch.


”Live in Indonesia at the Java Rockin’ Land” DVD

Track Listing:

This band always got a bad rap back in the day because they pushed their religious beliefs way too much....the sad reality is that when you watch this video you realize Stryper are musically on the same level as say Avenged Sevenfold & Iron Maiden YET they never got that same fan praise because they pushed the bible too much!

This dvd captures all the bands hits but sadly they cut all the cool covers from the set and what I mean by that is the band have been playing a slew o’ covers in the set the past 2 years and on this concert set it’s only original material.

I give it to Stryper, they sound amazing on this disc, the brothers still look great & there’s some damn fine guitar playing on this record!

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