Nov 23, 2012

Charm City Devils - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs


November 23, 2012

Towson, Maryland

Recher Theatre

A few months back I caught Charm City Devils opening for Seether at Pier Six in Baltimore and the set list that night was quite odd for the band because they played their biggest hit “Let’s Rock N Roll” early in the set and I made a comment in my review of that show that the band should always close with “Let’s Rock N Roll” simply because it’s the song that this area recognizes with the most & it’s the song that they are known for...well, on 11/23/12 they DID listen to me!

The set list for this show was cool because they mixed up songs from the first & second records equally alongside an AC/DC cover & a Black Keys cover to boot!

The song “Spite” was the opening song for the night & it led into 3 back to back new songs off the bands “Sins” record and then it happened....John gave a small speech about how I had a small issue with his choice of set list the last time around & he dedicated the song “Burn” to me which he knows is my personal favorite from the bands arsenal of music, then at the end of the night just before they started off “Let’s Rock N Roll” which was the nights closer, John added that it was also dedicated to me & it was due in part to my review where I stated that “Let’s Rock N Roll” should always be the bands closer for every Maryland show simply because it’s their big hit in these parts & the irony was that before John even introduced the song there were drunk guys in the crowd yelling out “Let’s Rock N Roll” which proved my point!

The thing is, Baltimore, Maryland is a very working class oriented area and the love of classic riff rock in this area is undeniable...a song like “Let’s Rock N Roll” is just so relatable to the working class people in this area and every time I’m at a Charm City Devils show I also see that song as the big sing-a-long song that everyone goes off on & enjoys the most!

It was cool to see the band adding “Pour Me” back into their set because you can ever get enough cowbell & slide guitar in a rock n roll song and in the middle of the song they included interpolation from “Voodoo Chile” (Slight Return) & a Zep song which was pretty cool because it added a little extra to the song & got the crowd going with that added surprise!

Charm City Devils have done extensive touring in 2012 and they’ve really grown as a band....I remember seeing their very first show back when they had another name & opened for Puddle of Mudd at an outdoor show in the Powerplant area....since that point they’ve honed their craft, defined who they are and developed their sound which blends modern rock with classic rock perfectly.

Look for Charm City Devils on tour with Hinder in 2013.

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