Nov 24, 2012

Steel Panther - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


November 14, 2012

Baltimore, Maryland

Ram’s Head Live

“My Heart Belongs To You, But my Cock is community property.” That line from “Community Property” explains what Steel Panther is all about perfectly...the band is a real metal band that’s comprised of actual musicians BUT they put on a full comedy show and the best way I can describe their live show is that it’s like watching a live version of Beavis and Butthead....lotsa dick jokes, asking women to show their boobs, making fun of every hair metal cliché and overall just making fun of EVERYTHING in a very politically incorrect style!

The band had a fake Tiger Woods plant in the crowd & they utilized him onstage for a few jokes....throughout the night they would pull women onstage & get them to flash their boobs to the crowd....the irony is that NONE of the women flashing should have EVER shown their “goods” BUT that’s the beauty of a Steel Panther live show!

Much of the bands live show stays the same & that’s one thing that does kill it...the first time you see Steel Panther you will laugh your ass off because it’s all new & fresh..the 2nd, 3rd & 4th times you see them it starts to get a tad stale yet it’s still funny. I remember talking to Tommy Victor from Prong about Steel Panther and he said to me living in LA you grow sick of the band very fast because most metal fans see them over & over and the first few times it’s fun but after a while you get sick of the same shit...that is true of Steel Panther BUT then again MOST rock bands put on the same show night after night anyways so it’s to be expected, I mean KISS, Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper all put on a show that borrows a tad from every other performance they’ve done since the beginning!

Steel Panther is a must see metal band because if you’ve never seen them before you will get a kick out of not only the band BUT the crowd which is a mix of young and old metal heads who all dress up & what it reminds me of is the Rocky Horror Picture Show because you see so many mullet wigs, bullet belts, spandex & all the trappings of 80’s hair metal....the fans of Steel Panther dress up as an homage to the band & it’s cool to walk through the crowd and have a laugh at the bands dedicated fans...I do wonder though if they realize Steel Panther isn’t a “real” band....they are simply a comedy band that parody the 80’s hair metal genre....if Steel Panther were to put out a “serious” record with real lyrics & NO jokes the main stream wouldn’t even give them the time of day but because they are making fun of the genre they get a pass and I give the band credit for creating a show that gives them a way to still play metal music in 2012 even if they are making fun of the genre which they clearly love!

Some of the bands great on liners this night included:

“I stopped wearing condoms because you can’t catch herpes twice!”

“I wanna see her take a shit onstage & then eat it!”

“If anything gets stolen tonight we know the black guy did it!”

Steel Panther is a fun metal comedy show to check out, they are rude, crude and over the top....they sum up the 80’s hair metal genre amazingly well and the best part of Steel Panther is that they truly ARE great musicians and if you know your 80’s metal well enough you’ll be able to spot where they rip off certain songs from that era!

ps. Thank you Michelle for being a part of this night...sorry I was so tired!

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