Nov 29, 2012

Scott Weiland - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


November 29, 2012

Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

SCOTT WEILAND Set List:  Opening Jam, Crackerman, Paralysis, Killing Me Sweetly, Black Again, Tumble in the Rough, Mockingbird Girl, First Kiss on Mars, Do It For The Kids, California / Mountain Song, Can't Stand Me Now, Barbarella, Encore: Vasoline, Unglued

Band Members:

Scott Weiland - Vocals * Doug Grean - Guitar * Jeremy Brown - Guitar * Tommy Black - Bass * Tommy Rickard - Drums


1. Scott showed up!

2. The backing band were solid players

3. They played a Jane’s Addiction cover


1. Scott showed up BUT was clearly “on” something & that made his performance shaky at best.

2. Most songs were drawn out jams that bored the audience to tears

3. They skipped the biggest songs from Scott’s career in favor of obscure shit & the crowd was not happy!

SCOTT WEILAND - “I’m A Selfish Piece of Shit” - a line from the song “Barbarella” which sums up the man quite well and I say that because he’s been given so many opportunities to clean up, get his life together & do the right things, yet the man still fucks up & fucks his fans over with bad in point, this show was sloppy, Scott’s vocals were slurred, he skipped lines, he acted like he was either high or drunk and the clincher was at the end of the night when he thanked the crowd by saying, “Thank you DC!” but the sad reality is that he was in Baltimore & once he realized he messed up he tried to play it off but the crowd caught it and we were all let down by this show.

The set list was overly indulgent on the part of Weiland and he focused on songs that he wanted to play BUT the consensus of the crowd was we all wanted to hear more STP material or the “hits” from Velvet Revolver such as “Slither”, “Sucker Train Blues” & “Fall To Pieces”...the crowd actually did boo in parts & fans would tell Scott that they wanted to hear songs like “Plush” and Scott replied back that he put together a varied set list of stuff he wanted to play....the worst part of the show though was how Scott chose to make most songs extended jams & he would fiddle with a theramin, play random percussive instruments and for the band it was probably a blast jamming up there BUT for the crowd who came to see a rock show this entire night was a total let down!

My statement for this show is that ANYONE who bought a ticket to this show got fucked because it was not a tight rock show, it was a messy wreck and while I can appreciate an artistically interpretive re-creation of past hits I don’t truly believe Scott Weiland cares about his fans because for him to take the stage in that shape & to offer his fans who paid good money a set that didn’t include the material they wanted to hear....Scott doesn’t give a shit about his fans!

It’s also very clear that without the “right” band Scott Weiland would have never made it because the DeLeo Brothers created the fiber that allowed Scott’s vocals to shine...without them he would have never made it out of the clubs!

Sound wise the first 3 songs were really muddy and Scott’s vocals were way low in the mix to a point where you could almost hear him and perhaps they should have stayed that way so no one could hear him mumble between songs about how he missed shoveling snow & how he thought he was in DC!

Overall this was a train wreck that fell apart from the moment Scott took the stage & thanks to Scott opening his mouth at the end, the final moments were truly tragic!

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