Dec 20, 2012

Yardbirds, Yellowtooth & more

By Bob Suehs



Track Listing:

Astray, Sweet Surrender, The Longing, September Skies, Lucid Dreams, The Art of Conversation, Chemical Reaction, Clouds Reflected, Infinite Love, Through The Surface, Forget The Roar

The first few seconds of this cd made me wonder what in the world to expect because at first I didn’t really think this band would be anything special but then when I was all ready to be let down “Astray” kicks in sounding like At The Drive-In & a tad bit like Mars Volta....this band is coolness personified & the at times lo-fi recording makes the depth of the music even more amazing because the songs are not overly polished & perfect....there’s a cool demo quality in pieces of each song & the band are really good at making music that’s hard to define as anything more than hard rock with solid guitar playing & damn good heart felt solos!

“Sweet Surrender” is one of my personal favorites because it’s a well written rocker that’s got a great mix of pop elements with hard rock roots...the chorus is catchy & the solo is strong but not too complex.

There’s fast songs, slower songs & throughout the course of this records duration I can’t deny the strong musicianship, really good song writing & I’d say without a doubt that if this band gets the right push & promotion they could be huge based on what I hear on this cd!


”Burning On The Wings Of Desire”

Track Listing:

Let It Roll, Burning On The Wings Of Desire, Can’t Stop My Heart, Bring Me Down, Rock Your Station, Good Feeling, The Snitch, Good and Evil

Old school 70’s rock ala Deep Purple & just a touch of Boston, Blood of the Sun are straight up riff rock circa 1972 with heavy keys that add the Deep Purple feel...vocally the singer has a great clean voice but the guitars are what really flavor this band so well & that’s how 70’s rock was for the most part....there’s alot o’ jamming, solo’s, groove & I’m not so sure the music on this cd would be considered commercial in 2013 by any means BUT the music lovers will dig this record & there’s a cross over appeal for fans of Stoner rock as well because the band is pure 70’s retro rock!

Did I mention on “Burning On The Wings of Desire” they bring out the cowbell? Well, they do!!!!!

“Can’t Stop My Heart” has a heavy pace & vibe but the keys take away a tad bit of the sting in the beginning which is partially why I prefer bands with no keys....again, this is where the Deep Purple reference comes into play again!

The final track on this cd features Wino from Saint Vitus & he plays guitar & sings on this’s the longest jam on this cd & probably the most stoner rock track on this record...the song is over 7 minutes long & an interesting way to close out the record.

I have to mention that the artwork is pretty cool too because it’s all erotica & naked won’t see the uncensored version of this cd in Best Buy or Walmart & I can guarantee that!



Track Listing:

Wizard Dust, Soulstalker, John Wilkes Booth, ‘75 Black Pontiac, Burning Daylight, On The Trail of Lewis Medlock, Traitor, Decaying From Within, The 11th Hour

The intro is an retro recording about drug users & it’s campy as hell and comical....the band gets kudo’s from me for a great start to the record & when the first song kicks in the music is blood heavy guitar/bass/drums with scratchy throated drone vocals which mend the sonic sludge of Yellowtooth perfectly....the band is heavy as hell and combine classic metal with sludge. I’d describe them as Megadeth slowed down with elements of Crowbar....imagine if Mountain were a metal band....that’s my best description of this band!

The vocals are a tad too much at times because they are just guttural intrusions over each song BUT that’s what the band wanted & therefore it’s their sound....sonic sludge metal played extremely loud, that’s my best analogy for this record!


”Making Tracks” DVD

Track Listing:

This 2 disc set captures the current incarnation of The Yardbirds with just 2 original members & a cast of new musicians that create a great tribute to what the band used to be....Yardbirds spawn 3 guitar greats....Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page so it’s no surprise that the current version of the band features a really solid blues based lead guitarist but the tragic flaw is the young members of the band make the 2 original members look super old....playing wise the band sounds damn good & the stand out tracks on this dvd are “Train Kept A Rollin’” which Aerosmith made famous, “For Your Love” & their cover of “I’m A Man” which is a fantastic way to end this show!

Disc #2 of this set is a mix of extra’s that include a tour documentary, extra songs, solo footage & interviews while disc #1 is just all music.

All in all this is a great set of music & classic rock BUT “Dazed & Confused” that the current Yardbirds play CANNOT hold a candle to the version Led Zeppelin did....Jimmy Page & Robert Plant own that song!

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