Dec 27, 2012

Shadows Fall / Killswitch Engage / Periphery - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


December 27, 2012

Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

SHADOW’S FALL set list:  Light That Blinds, Idiot Box, Weight o Da World, King Nothing, Still I Rise, Power, Destroyer, Divide and Conquer, War (* Note: they added one extra song to the set because they had extra time in their set)

Killswitch Engage setlist:  Bid Farewell, Rose of Sharyn, Numbered Days, Self Revolution, Fixation, Serenade, Life To Lifeless, Just Barely Breathing, To The Songs of Man, Temple, Vide Infra, Element of One, Without a Name, Rise Inside, My Curse, Heartache

A sold out metal show on a Thursday night in Baltimore, Maryland...that’s not a phrase you can say too often BUT that was the case when this tour rolled through town on a very cold December night.

Killswitch Engage were the nights headliner & they were reunited with their original singer Jesse but more on that in a bit....the first band I caught this night were local favorites Periphery and it was no big surprise that a large chunk of the crowd were there to support their hometown heroes and the band brought their a-game to the stage...they were actually the one band that brought something totally different to the stage this night because Shadow’s Fall & Killswitch Engage’s style blends traditional metal with hardcore whereas Periphery’s style adds a touch of the math metal to the mix and they added some diversity to this heavy hitting bill.

Shadow’s Fall was my personal favorite of the night and the thing with their set was you had to back up a bit and go towards the back of the venue to absorb the bands full sound and full stage show because up close you could not truly capture the essence of their set....the volume was too overwhelming & the crowd was too active moshing & crowd surfing for one to be able to enjoy the bands playing.

What I’ve always enjoyed about Shad’s is that they are a full on metal band musically yet Brian’s vocals bring a hardcore style to the table and these days Brian has a full beard which makes him look kinda unibomber-ish while his dreads are longer than ever & swing about like long branches....get too close & you will be hit by them too because headbangs all night long & those dreads of his are quite hard if they hit you!

Shadow’s Fall played a few new songs in their set & the new material is a tad more melodic than the bands older material which is pretty cool because it shows the bands musical growth over the years.


The nights main attraction was up next....Killswitch Engage brought the house down with a strong set and what I did notice from the start of this show was the fact that there was NO big rock star acts for this show...what I mean by that is each band had minimal gear, there were NO drum risers, NO wall of amps...each band had the minimal amount of gear onstage & every drum kit sat on the stage as if it were a small club show.

I didn’t quite follow why so many people would pay $7 for a beer & then hurl it at the stage BUT Killswitch had a good number of adult beverages tossed at them throughout the night and my big compare/contrast moment for this show was when I walked through the crowd during the show....last time Killswitch played this same venue with Howard singing they had crowd filled with girls that were more than willing to flash the band their boobs...this time around the crowd was primarily guys with very few females in attendance and my closing statement on this night is that Howard was a fool to have quite Killswitch Engage because he was replaced by the bands original singer who’s a much better fit than Howard was....Jesse brings a very intense hardcore energy to the stage & Killswitch is that much better now because of Jesse!

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