Dec 28, 2012

TAB the Band - 9:30 Club

By Bob Suehs

TAB The Band

December 28, 2012

Washington, DC

9:30 Club

Brothers Adrian Perry (lead vocals/bass) and Tony Perry (guitar), Ben Tileston (drums) & Lou Jannetty (rhythm guitar) are the members of TAB the Band and when it was announced that they were opening for Jane’s Addiction on December 20, 2012 in my hometown I wasted no time in setting up coverage for the show because the bands recorded material impressed me and I was curious how they would pull their music off live.

When you see TAB the Band live the first thing that hits you is how much heavier their material is live as opposed to what they recorded in the the band is dark with moments of pop here & there.

Musically the band is a strong bridge between Brit Pop & Classic Rock because every song they play is straight up riff rock with clean vocals, catchy hooks and on this night they played an 11 song set that covered every facet of the bands musical prowess from upbeat songs like “Saturday” that actually had a “Happy” vibe to it and then there were the darker, heavier moments where they played chunky chords & filled the room with atmospheric riffage that leaned a tad towards stoner rock slightly...that’s the balance TAB the Band has when you see them live and on this night the band did a great job of warming up the crowd & giving them a solid calm before the storm moment with a strong set of rock n roll that’s clearly rooted in 70’s style where it’s more about the music & the vibe more than it is the “fluff” of a big rock show.

Adrian joked with the crowd and asked if it was still cold outside because after the show they had to load their van up & go to the next city...Adrian said he stayed warm by using his snuggy in the van and that was an example of the dry onstage humor that Adrian quipped throughout the bands set....Adrian’s singing was the glue that held each song together & his bass playing was the backbone of each song accompanied with Ben’s beats.

Guitar wise the bands material was split between drop d & standard tuning which created a sense of diversity in their guitar tones and Tony’s set up was quite simple...he had a small Fender amp with a Marshall head on it while Lou relied on a Fender Twin to hold down his sound.

TAB the Band did a fantastic job of warming of the crowd and I was impressed with the bands performance this night!

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