Dec 28, 2012

Jane's Addiction - 9:30 Club

By Bob Suehs


December 28, 2012

Washington, DC

9:30 Club

This show was announced as a “Surprise” show & it sold out pretty darn fast....Perry and company took the stage after 10 PM this night with a set that comprised all the hits from the band alongside a newer song or was surprising to hear them play “Mountain Song” & “Been Caught Stealing” within the first 25 minutes of the show because those are 2 of the bands biggest hits amongst fans yet they rocked them early in the set & closed with an encore of “Jane Says” & then a drum circle finale!

Dave Navarro’s added some new tattoo’s to his collection since the last time I saw the band & Perry’s still the lean and lanky weirdo that runs the show when you see Jane’s Addiction while Perkins remains hidden in the back yet is the backbone of the band.

Perry’s wife & a female friend joined the band on stage numerous times and the addition of Perry’s wife to the show was interesting because on one hand she did enhance the show a bit BUT I’ll admit that I don’t really like it when band member’s wives take the’s not a Perry Farrell solo show, it’s Jane’s Addiction and I would have preferred if Perry’s wife stayed off the stage while the band was playing because she distracted the attention from the band & tried her best to make it all about her up there.....regardless, it was still all about Navarro & Perry!

Navarro’s guitar tone sounded clear & rich and he used PRS guitars for the entire electric portion of the set.... he nicknamed those guitars “Black Bastard”; for the unplugged portion of the set Dave used an Epiphone acoustic that had the name “Jane” over the face plate cover.

The set list was actually a tad short on this night and when it was all said and done I think most of the crowd would have enjoyed a 2nd encore with a few extra songs but after the unplugged set that was it.

Onstage Navarro & Perry still have that amazing chemistry together and it’s cool that those 2 were able to set aside their differences and get back to making music together again because Perry & Dave are their generation’s Jagger/Richards (Stones) or Perry/Tyler (Aerosmith) with an equally volatile mix of glam, gluttony & decadence that mends itself together to make beautiful art....this was one amazing way to send out 2012 and my only complaint has to do with the one there made an effort to dress up or look cool...the crowd looked like it had just gotten off work, dropped the kids with a sitter & scrambled to make the show....there was little effort on the crowds part to look cool for the band.

“Stop” gets my vote for best song of the night if I had to choose a highlight from this show & it’s ironically the one thing I hope Jane’s Addiction NEVER does!

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