Dec 29, 2012

KIX - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs


December 29, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

While I wasn’t “officially” working this show for the site I decided to offer up a review of the show because it was a noteworthy mention for a few reasons.

When KIX took the stage Steve Whiteman was using a walker & it’s because he hurt his back prior to the show & it was painfully evident once the show started because Whiteman’s always been a very animated frontman on & off this show though his movements were limited & it was clear that he was in pain yet he performed like a real trooper and gave the audience their moneys worth despite his obvious pain!

Whiteman told the crowd that he shouldn’t even be up there, that he needed to be in the hospital yet he was still onstage rockin’ out & the bands set was all the standards for the most part with “Ring Around Rosie” tossed in to mix it up a bit.

What I’ll say about KIX is that they’ve been the most consistent band of their genre because they consistently deliver solid sets of rock n roll that offer up high energy riffs, solids musicianship and the saddest irony is that KIX never quite got the recognition they deserved back in their prime!

This show was sold out so therefore it was wall to wall people and this show WAS a rock n roll party!

Extra special thanks to Mr. A. Hell &

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