Sep 15, 2011

Glen Matlock - Ottobar

By Bob Suehs

GLEN MATLOCK & The Philistines


Baltimore, Maryland

To most uninformed Sex Pistols fans the bassist for the band was Syd Vicious & it's a known fact that he is dead....the real Sex Pistols fans know however that the original bassist for the band was none other than Glen Matlock who actually wrote & played on several tracks off the bands only all original studio record.

It's always been interesting to me that the Sex Pistols were really only around for a short period of time yet they influenced generation upon generation in not just musical style but in attitude & attire because Hot Topic's across the USA have made a fortune selling the clothes that Johnny Rotten & the boys sported way back when and the ultimate irony regarding the Sex Pistols is that technically you could consider them to be the very first "boy band" because they were put together by their manager who wanted to create a band & just picked local guys randomly based on their looks...the saddest fact is that Syd was chosen because he looked cool YET he couldn't play bass at all!

When I spotted Glen Matlock walking into the venue on this night I wasn't even sure if it was him until a friend confirmed to me that indeed it was Glen!

Glen is 55 years old & in all honesty I thought he was alot older than that based on how he looks....he took the stage sporting a shirt that looked like it came out of the Charlie Sheen "2 & 1/2 Men" collection & no one knew if he was playing guitar or bass with this band up until he strapped on a Gibson guitar & started playing rhythm guitar.

The crowd was minimal at best & for the most part the people in attendance were brought in by the local openers. I felt really bad for Glen because you might think the Sex Pistols fans would come out to support the bands original bassist & see him playing a very intimate show BUT that simply wasn't the case!

Glen's new band consisted of himself on rhythm guitar, 2 back up singers, a lead guitarist, bassist & a drummer who appeared to be the youngest person onstage!

The set list was all The Philistines material with 3 covers tossed in: "Stepping Stone" was played towards the end of the set while "God Save the Queen" was played a few songs into the set & probably the highlight of the show up until the ending when Glen & the band came back out for an encore of "Pretty Vacant".

Glen's band is not punk by any means...they garner a bit o' punk rock energy in small doses yet the core of the bands sound is 60's/70's rock n roll & regardless of the lack of audience Glenn & his band played a damn good set on this night!

After his set Glen was cool enough to hang out & meet fans but what does urk me about that fact is the ebay guys....I know it's a common thing in each & every town across the USA but it's annoying to see the "ebay guys" showing up immediately after every concert with their pick guards and their bags o' shit that they try to get signed so they can sell it all on ebay.

Glen actually signed every single item they had & I was laughing as I kept watching them hand him item after item after's no wonder bigger celebrities don't like to sign shit, the guys like them ruin it for the real fans.