Jan 12, 2013

Bullet Boys - H.O. R.

By Bob Suehs



January 12, 2013

White Marsh, MD


If I had to sum up the Bullet Boys set in one word I’d say that word would be “forgettable” simply because the band was onstage for exactly 41 minutes & sadly the local openers actually played longer sets than the national headliner on this night.

Stone Senate opened for the Bullet Boys & musically they reminded me of Seven Mary Three quite a bit with a mix of 90’s alt rock coupled with Southern Rock which made the bands sound hard rockin’ yet NOT fitting for this show when you consider that the headliner was an 80’s hair band.....Stone Senate did a great job during their set but the crowd concurred that they didn’t want a 90’s styled rock band opening.

10 minutes prior to the Bullet Boys taking the stage Marq Torien took the stage to show off a bit with a line check that included “The Zoo” by The Scorpions mixed with a tap-happy Eddie Van Halen styled guitar solo which gave Marq a moment to show off to the crowd....oddly enough the crowd didn’t seem to care all that much & most didn’t even realize he was onstage at that moment.


The B.B. set was short and depending upon how you look at it that was not necessarily a bad thing because let’s face it, Bullet Boys only have one song most know, “Smooth Up In Ya” & the die hards will probably remember the bands cover of “For The Love of Money” but that song is more relatable to Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” TV show than it is with the Bullet Boys in this era.

Marq looked a little less glammed out than usual & came off weathered....his stage banter, moves and flashy showmanship were still intact but he just seemed worn out.

“Kissin’ Kittie”, “T.H.C. Groove”, & “Rock Hard” were played alongside a few newer songs off the bands last record “Ten Cent Billionaire” but the crowd only really seemed to care when “For The Love of Money” & “Smooth Up” were performed and the sad part of it is those 2 songs were not the best songs in the set because both of them came off flat, Marq added an intro to “For the Love of Money” that didn’t sound too good and “Smooth Up” came off rushed and it honestly felt like Marq was happy to get off the stage at the end of the night because the crowd was small and he kept yelling at the crowd to scream louder & louder BUT the reality was that the small crowd in attendance could only scream so loud!

Bullet Boys sounded ok despite Marq’s guitar cutting out a few times and what you have to realize is that when there’s a small turn out the Bullet Boys play a very short set so if you go to see the band don’t expect anything special and you won’t be let down....on this night the bands intro started at midnight and their show was done at 12:41 AM

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