Jan 18, 2013

Black Veil Brides - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


January 18, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

BLACK VEIL BRIDES set list: Intro, Bulletproof, New Religion, Wretched & Divine, All Your Hate, God Bless You, Children Surrender, Rebel Yell, Love Isn’t Always Fair, Overture, Shadows Die, Nobody’s Hero, Youth And Whiskey, Rebel Love Song, Resurrect The Sun, Perfect Weapon, Knives and Pens, Legacy, Fallen Angels, In The End

The screaming little girls were louder than the band....that’s what I will remember the most about this show because up front it was a sea of black x’s when you looked at the crowd. The term “Black x’s” is what I refer to as underaged kids because that’s how they mark the underaged kiddies who can’t drink alcohol at shows in Maryland and they definitely out numbered the adults on this night...it was Hot Topic Gone Wild!

The 2 local openers played short sets and were done quite early which led into direct support for the tour, William Control.

William Control was a rather boring jaunt into synth pop that featured the singer from Aiden doing his gay pop venture that was mostly pre-taped material coupled with live vocals & live bass...I can lie or I can tell you the truth...William Control was goth/synth karaoke and it bored me to tears.

Black Veil Brides were the main attraction & their stage set up was cool with ramps, a large gothy backdrop and skeletal remains on the bands mic stands.

No matter where you stood the vocals were not loud enough and the singers voice sounded blown out for the most part through most of the show. I think my biggest gripe with the bands overall sound was that they lacked heavy low end & the sound was very thin, it just lacked “balls”...this has always been an issue with the band every time I’ve seen them but the bands looks are what draw the kiddies in because they are like watching Japanimation live onstage; the make up, the hair, the clothes....they capture the essence of “Shout at the Devil” era Nikki Sixx and it was funny to see hoards o’ little girls killing each other over tossed guitar picks, clothing & pretty much anything the band would toss from the stage....the pit was probably more ferocious at this show that it was at the last hardcore show I saw simply because the little girls were fighting to get as close as possible to the BVB boys.

“Rebel Yell” was played in the set but the irony is that the way BVB played it you had to really listen close to realize it was a Billy Idol cover because almost every song the band did blent into one another to a point where it was all the same.

“Fallen Angel” was played in the bands encore & it rips off “Shout at the Devil” by Motley Crue yet the kids there were clueless to the similarity and I give Black Veil Brides credit for delivering a high energy rock show that was extremely visual yet sadly lacked the musical prowess which would offer them credibility in the rock world....they looked cool though!


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