Feb 15, 2013

Hanzel Und Gretyl - Recher Theatre

By Bob Suehs


February 15, 2013

Towson, MD

Recher Theatre

Hanzel Und Gretyl are uber-fukkin-tastic just incase you didn’t know and when their caravan o’ German-Sauer-Brat-Metal rolled through the Maryland area it was a no brainer that Rock N Roll Experience would be there to cover the show!

Vas & Loopy run HUG as a 2 piece band these days and the show onstage is an off the wall mix of smoke, red flashing siren strobe lights & a vast quantity of can beer which was carried on Loopy’s chest in the same way Rambo carries bullets.

HUG played a tight 90 minute set that offered the crowd an interesting mix of live bass/vocals/guitars and the interesting thing about what HUG do onstage is that while the band is far from a “traditional” live band they grasp onto the vibe of the DIY punk rock scene with Vas & Loopy being totally hands on with all aspects of the bands career & that’s refreshing in this era where bands come & go in the blink of an eye because they don’t take an interest in the business side of their career!<p<>

Not utilizing live drums onstage does make the bands music suffer just a tad because live drums add “balls” & “Power” to the overall live sound but for what it’s worth the HUG show was still heavy as hell just it lacked a little intensity that only live drums can bring to a rock show.

A large percentage of the music heard onstage was prerecorded but that’s just the way Industrial music is and I give Vas & Loopy credit because for 2 people they do what they do well BUT I did notice at many points in the show that Loopy wasn’t playing guitar, I mean it was obvious as hell when he put his guitar down to drink beers because you could still hear the guitar playing....the funny part is the crowd didn’t even seem to notice nor care!

When HUG played “Das Boots” they invited audience members onstage to drink beer from a boot and the funny thing was that the same kid who drank beer from the boot onstage was later carried out by security because it appeared as if he’d partied just a little too hard & I guess the “boot” had more potency than he realized! (The reality was that the kid had been drinking all night & the boot had nothing to do with him being escorted out, he just couldn’t handle his alcohol!)

All in all it was a fun night and just before the band finished their set Loopy tossed out a ton o’ beers to the crowd which made me think of that song “I Wish You Were a Beer” by The Cycle Sluts From Hell.

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