Feb 16, 2013

King Loses Crown, Detroit Rebellion & more

By Bob Suehs


”Fork In The Road EP”

Track Listing:

Fork In The Road, Dirty Boots, The Fire Devil & Desire, Nothing To Lose

This 2 man band reminds me of The Black Keys & The White Stripes with their garage rock sound which is blues based and the main thing that sets Detroit Rebellion apart from the aforementioned “The...” bands is that Detroit Rebellion captures the British Invasion sound a tad more than the other garage rock bands of today and the sound is very 60’s-ish which sounds cool & totally legit despite it being 2013!

Echoey guitar & drums with reverb heavy vocals make this recording sound amateur yet cool as hell because each song has a groove, a hook & a vibe that’s retro as hell yet totally makes sense if you have an appreciation for old school rock.


”You Can’t Escape”

Track Listing:

Fall Apart, You Can’t Escape, Your Blood, My Revenge, The Happiness Conspiracy, Let This Be A Warning

“Fall Apart” is the opening track on this EP & the music starts out with a good dance styled rock beat that’s mixed with a chunky guitar lick but then midway through the guitar riff turns to a darker punk styled riff and this song reminds me of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy Pop mixed with an industrial beat & vocals which are far removed from the organic style of Iggy’s rock....this is a great opening track for this EP because it sets up the pace for what the band does quite well...they are an energy driven, up beat industrial rock act & their music makes you wanna move yet they keep the heaviness to their sound so it’s not totally watered down dance music....my big issue with some industrial music is that they lack the heaviness & wind up making pure dance music...what King Loses Crown does is they keep the hard side to their music with definite metal & punk influences while also keeping the dance side via the electronic beats, samples and overall what the band does well is mixing rock & dance to create a dark dance sound.


”The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss”

Track Listing:

Archille’s Desire, Devils Got A Gun, Mismatched Eyes, Peterbilt Coalmine, Cold July, Jane, Out Like A Lion, No Glamour In The Hammer, Radiator Blues, Annie Lu, Wisconsin, Mexico Texaco

Well written songs with various styles that range from rock, folk, singer/songwriter, country rock, blues, etc., the latest release from Whitehorse is an epic journey for the listener who can appreciate varied styles & I give the band credit for having really good CD packaging as well!



Track Listing:

Sunshine Then Nightmares, Run Away, Smoke, Falling, The Lotus

This is an all instrumental EP & the music is moody, brooding & basically a soundtrack to a movie that was never made....I say that because without the vocals the music is a tad boring but well written...the reality is this is nothing more than background music though.


”In My Dreams”

Track Listing:

In My Dreams, Terrible Disguise, Say, Taking Over, Mystery, In Between

Well written/performed pop music with an artistic presence & ever so gentle touches of electronic mixed in for flavor...that’s how I’d describe this record.



Track Listing:

Hope & Smoke, The Blur, Forward

Blending pop with rock this 3 song EP reminds me of Coldplay mixed with Ben Folds...kinda, and I use those 2 artists simply as a starting point because the music Kiven create is rich, textured and they pack alot o’ styles into what they do....what they do best is creating epic songs that are highly emotional & the music itself is not about hard rock but more about heavy emotions.


”American Idle”

Track Listing:

American Idle, Blood Secrets, You Lose!, Blink of An Eye, Ashes to Ashes

Blistering guitars, angry vocals & the core theme for most of the tracks on this record revolve around loose political themes....the band doesn’t bite off Rage Against the Machine in any way because they are pure metal & NOT hip hop styled at all but I will admit the political themes do bore me just a tad because I don’t care for politics in my music.

Ignoring the politics & just listening to the music I definitely dig the guitar tone, the rhythm is thick & the band sounds great on all 5 tracks off this cd.

“Blood Secrets” is my personal favorite off this cd & the guitar solo is amazing on this track!

Musically the band is old school thrash metal & they are really good at what they do...this EP sounds really good & the producer did a great job capturing the bands sound because they sound really clear & in some parts they remind me of Megadeth with their style of heavy guitar driven metal.

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