Feb 16, 2013

Dizzy Reed - HOR

By Bob Suehs


February 16, 2013

White Marsh, MD


“I've Been Doing This Bullshit My Entire Life!” - Dizzy Reed

That’s a direct quote Dizzy made this night during one of his random between song rants where he was bragging about being a career musician....he later recanted by saying he didn’t mean bullshit, he meant shit & then his guitar player chimed in, “It Is What It Is!” & thus the next song started....that was how the Dizzy Reed 2+ hour show went this night.

There was no set list, the band was loose, Dizzy kept asking the crowd for Jager shots & I lost count of how many shots he did after the 5th one...it was an interesting show because you have to kinda laugh when Dizzy does a cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” & “Don’t Cry” which were written way before he was ever a member of the band yet he performs them as if they were his own.

Covers of the AC/DC classics “Sin City” & “Rock N Roll Damnation” were played this night and probably the most annoying thing Dizzy did during this show was when he’d let the band do solo’s & he’d grab his ipad & check messages...my first thought was, Is AXL sending Dizzy Cease & Desist notices regarding his GNR covers OR is Dizzy demanding another groupie get an abortion ala Roxanna Shirazi?! This was a rock n roll concert and for Dizzy to walk to the side of the stage & check messages in the middle of the show...it was kinda rude & seriously lame and I posted a pic in this review so you can clearly see what I’m talking about!

There were roughly 20 people there to watch Dizzy and out of the 20 you had some members from the local openers & bar staff...it was a very small show but Dizzy did play a lengthy set and he closed with a cover of “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with Dizzy’s hair these days because it kinda looks like hair plugs on the top and I’d bet you that Gene Simmons & Donald Trump are probably laughing at his hair if they know who he is!

I made a few random jokes about Dizzy, his hair & his obsession with checking the internet during the show but to his credit he did deliver a long assed show despite there being very few people there.

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