Feb 19, 2013

Shinedown / Three Days Grace - First Mariner Arena

By Bob Suehs


February 19, 2013

Baltimore, MD

First Mariner Arena

The first BIG Arena rock show for 2013 in the Maryland area featured Shinedown with special guests Three Days Grace & POD serving as show openers.

I missed the POD set but arrived just in time to catch the Three Days Grace set....the great debate during the TDG set was “Is the new singer as good as Adam?”

For what it’s worth I felt like Three Days Grace carried on to the best of their ability because any time you replace a key member in a band there will be MAJOR change and the new singer adds his own style to what the band does while the onstage keyboard player sings all the back up parts & often times does duel vocals which made the vocals nice & full, I mean Adam has a certain grit to his vocals which is impossible to truly replace but for what it’s worth I felt like Three Days Grace played an ok set...what impressed me more than the bands set was the audience participation...the crowd sang along to almost every single song & you never realize just how many radio singles Three Days Grace have until you see them because they play hit after hit in their set!

“Chalk Outline” kicked off the set & probably the most notable part of the set was a complete cover of “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit which sounded pretty damn good but was a tad surprising for a band like Three Days Grace to toss out during an arena show!

Three Days Grace were actually the perfect openers for Shinedown because they brought their A-game and they did a great job at pumping the crowd up for Shinedown....I will point out that I actually saw more fans wearing Three Days Grace shirts which did surprise me considering Shinedown were the main attraction!

Spoiler alert: If you go to see this tour when the large black curtain drops all you will see is Barry playing drums onstage...it’s because the other 3 members of the band come out on a mini stage all the way back near the sound board & they play to the back of the crowd and then walk up to the front of the big stage to join Barry...it was comical watching all the people up front looking at just the drummer & being totally clueless that the rest of the band were behind them!

Shinedown killed it with a set that covered all the bases & offered the crowd a show that was heavy with radio singles...Shinedown is another band that’s had great success over the years & spawned many top 10 rock singles throughout their career & when you see them live you realize just how many singles they’ve released through the years!

Having seen Shinedown in many different venues throughout the years I will admit that I enjoy the band in a smaller venue because their music comes off better in a mid sized venue but I give the band props for crossing over into the headlining arena rock phase of their career ... they are there now and they do it very well! Brent’s inspirational speeches fill the arena with positive vibes & the music the band members create as a unit onstage explain why the band went as far as they did...Shinedown are an amazing rock band to see live and the last part of the show made it go full circle because Brent & Zach went to the mini stage in the back of the arena again to play an unplugged set that featured covers of “She Talks To Angels”, “Enter Sandman”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” & more which led into the bands cover of “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd...when they played “Simple Man” the entire arena lit up and both young & old were singing along to the Skynyrd classic.

”Bully” was the nights closer & overall Shinedown delivered an amazing high energy rock show!

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