Apr 10, 2013

Volbeat / Danko Jones - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs


April 10, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

Volbeat set list:  Intro / Goat, A New Day, Guitar Gangsters, Heaven nor Hell, Sad Man’s, Lola, Human, 16 Dollars, Hangman, Warrior, Mary / Slayer, Angelfuck, Another Day, Dead But Rising, Still Counting, Intro / Mirror, Fallen, Pool of Booze

Danko Jones set list:  Had Enough, Play the Blues, First Date, Just A Beautiful Day, Full of Regret, I Think Bad Thoughts, Lovercall, Cadillac, Mountain

The night after the big Volbeat show at Ram’s Head Live I was hanging with venue staff before the Mindless Self Indulgence show and the topic of conversation was how the volume for the Volbeat show was just too loud...apparently they turned everything up super loud but to me I didn’t think it was that loud. A bartender chimed in that it was so loud that his body started to hurt after a while & I joked that I didn’t even wear ear plugs at the show because it didn’t sound that loud to me...that’s when they all joked that I was probably more deaf than I realized!

The Volbeat / Danko Jones show on April 10, 2013 was sold out and the crowd was packed in tight for a testosterone fueled night of riff rock that got underway with Spoken at 8 PM.

I arrived a tad after 9 PM and managed to catch the bulk of Danko Jones set. What I will say about Danko is that the band seemed a bit lost on the big stage and they come across much better on a small stage where they can interact one on one with the crowd!

The crowd itself didn’t really seem to care about Danko Jones and the overall mix for Danko’s set was too bass heavy from most spots where I stood.

“Lover Call” was dedicated to those who like 7-8 hours of oral sex at a time and despite the bad sound for Danko Jones I felt like the band did the best they could & their set was fun.

Volbeat were the nights main attraction and they played a kick ass, solid, heavy set that was as real & as honest as you can get...no over the topic frills, no theatrics, no flash, just simple rock n roll with a touch o’ rockabilly & punk intertwined.

Michael’s voice IS the Volbeat sound...it’s got this amazingly exotic tone to it that’s a tad baritone mixed with hard rock energy while the rhythm is the absolute backbone of every song.

New lead guitarist Rob C. formerly of Anthrax actually adds alot to the bands live show & his playing really makes the band fuller sounding & thicker. It was interesting to see how Rob played the harmonica parts for “Heaven nor Hell” on guitar and at first I had my doubts about Rob fitting in with Volbeat but to his credit he did a great job & Volbeat made a great call adding Rob to the band!

Set wise the band added a few new songs but primarily stuck to the standard set...after playing a partial cover of Slayer’s “Reign in Blood” they brought Danko Jones out to sing lead vocals for “Angelfuck”!

This show was a great night for Rock N Roll, by the end of the night only the cool kids were left standing.

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