Apr 11, 2013

Mindless Self Indulgence - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs



April 11, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

Quirky, unique, weird & over the top....that’s how I’d describe the band Mindless Self Indulgence as well as the fans who attend their shows because the stage is a non stop swirl of energy, video game noises & you never know what you might see on the stage or in the crowd at any given moment!


On this night they had no douche bags tossed onstage & the show itself felt a little scaled back compared to previous shows I’ve seen by the band with the music being the main theme for this night...usually the bands “Antics” are the star of the show but on this night it was all about music!

I’m always impressed how large of a following MSI have because they literally have NO radio singles, NO major label to push them and they pretty much do it all on their own terms with the premise of the band being “having fun”.


The opening act was a noisy electronic mess that featured My Chemical Romance’s guitarist & what’s actually interesting about an MSI show is that the band spends just as much time after the show signing autographs and taking pics with fans as they do onstage with their live show!

Mindless Self Indulgence set list:

Witness, Shut Me Up, It Gets Worse, Stupid MF, You’re No Fun Anymore, 1989, Issues, Fuck Machine, Never Wanted, Prescription, Bring the Half, Ass Backwards, Eveningwear, Tornado, Ala Mode, 7-11, Planet of the Apes, Faggot, On It, Bitches, Straight To Video

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