Apr 16, 2013

Crashdiet / Crucified Barbara - Voltage

By Bob Suehs



April 16, 2013

Baltimore, MD


Crucified Barbara’s first ever tour of the USA was a rock n roll cock-a-whoop because the band of 4 females were sandwiched between an all male billing & to be honest with you the girls in Crucified Barbara played just as hard as the boys in the other bands and on a musical level I felt like Crucified Barbara were the superior band on this bill!

I arrived at the end of the first bands set & what I saw was a barrage of half assed covers which didn’t impress me at all so I didn’t bother inquiring who the opening band even was.


Crucified Barbara took the stage rather fast and their set was a solid hour of hard rock/metal....if you look at the girls you might not expect their music to sound like it does because they are pretty & soft but their music is full on metal! If you’ve never seen a pic of the band you’d never know it was an all female band because they don’t sound soft or pretty...they are a hard rock frenzy onstage!

This was my first time experiencing a rock show at the night club Voltage which is primarily a trendy dance club....I was impressed with the big stage, great concert sound, free parking and the club is in Baltimore yet it’s in a safe area that’s right off the beltway so you don’t have to drive through the ghetto!


On a playing level I give Crucified Barbara the award for best musicians of the night because their guitar solos & overall playing ability was the best of the 3 bands on this bill although it was clearly a Crashdiet crowd at this show.

The crowd was small but decent and the fans who did show up knew every word to every song and they were there to rock! It is amazing that so many people actually know who these obscure Scandinavian bands are because they get no media attention here in the states yet they do have a solid fan base which is a testament to the fact that America still likes to rock!


Crashdiet were the nights headliner and they played an hour long set that was a tad more flashy than the last time they played the Maryland area complete with cool lights/strobes that added to the bands onstage performance but the core of the bands show is still their looks & their glittery hard rock.

Looking at this show from a distance the essence of EVERYTHING this night was the past & 80’s glam metal was alive and well amongst the bands onstage & the fans who showed up in their best 80’s Hammerjacks attire. The show ended promptly at 11 PM and the club itself cleared out really fast with only a few hangers on waiting to meet Crashdiet after the show.


In my eyes I’d say that Crucified Barbara were the nights best band because they brought a really fresh feel & fun vibe to the show...their music was good & they impressed me with their music because you rarely see an all girl band that can rock just as hard as the boys!

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