May 3, 2013

Limp Bizkit - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


May 3, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Limp Bizkit set list:  Rollin, Why Try, The Truth, Hot Dog, My Generation, Livin It Up, Gold Cobra, Re-Arranged, Killing In The Name Of, My Way, I’m Broke, Nookie, Hold On, Eat You Alive, Take A Look Around, Break Stuff

When Limp Bizkit announced they were reuniting as a band the general consensus was, “Who cares?” because Limp Bizkit came & went in a blur...their cover of “Faith” by George Michaels was what propelled the band to fame thanks in part to MTV playing the hell out of their video’s which made Fred Durst a mogul in the rock world. Hit after hit Limp Bizkit were on fire for many years but band turmoil between Wes Borland & Fred Durst led to Wes exiting the band & eventually L.B. called it a day until they were able to patch up things between band members.

Flash forward to 2013 and Limp Bizkit were in town to play a sold out show for Baltimore, Maryland at Rams Head Live...I was actually impressed that the band had a fan base that still wanted to see them because the bands reunion tour had such little hype that you might think the tour would be a weak sell...that just wasn’t the case though because the show sold out in minutes and when Fred & company took the stage it was sheer chaos because the crowd had clearly waited a long time to see the band and the band delivered a kick ass rock show that impressed everyone!

The stage set up had long white chains hanging randomly from the ceiling and for the most part there were no frills just the band onstage playing.

I had forgotten how many singles the band actually had and the set list was a basic “Greatest Hits” list that covered all the bases with only “Faith” missing yet oddly enough they did a Who cover with just Fred singing to a backing track.

Wes Borland played a black Jackson Flying V for most of the night & he wore a mask that was reminiscent of Hollywood Undead’s masks with his entire body was painted black.

Tossed in the middle of “Rearranged” was a cover of “Killing in the Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine and I have to admit that Limp Bizkit owned that song & made it sound better than the original. They also tossed in a small ode to Jeff Hanneman when the band played a partial cover of “Reign in Blood” which was dedicated to Jeff.

Sound wise Limp Bizkit was excellent and Wes actually tossed in guitar leads every so often which was something he rarely did in the past with Limp Bizkit.

The show as a whole was perfect and I give the band credit because I didn’t expect their live show to be as good as it was...Limp Bizkit in 2013 is damn good & still a vital rock act!

The show ended around midnight and the after party went till 4 AM but that’s a completely different story and where this review will end.