May 16, 2013

The Darkness - Power Plant Live

By Bob Suehs


May 16, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Power Plant Live

In Baltimore, Maryland the yearly Preakness Races happen during mid May and the week of Preakness is known as a party week in Maryland because there are random free events which lead up to the Preakness.

The Highlight of Preakness week if you’re a rock music fan is the annual “free” concert series which always happens on the Thursday before Preakness at Power Plant Live in Baltimore. This year the entertainment was provided by Middle Class Rut & The Darkness but sadly we arrived too late to catch Middle Class Rut so this night was all about The Darkness!

I was shocked to see a really small turn out when we arrived at Power Plant Live because usually the place is jam packed for the free show which also features cheap beer....sadly though the place was not even 1/2 packed although once The Darkness took the stage the place did fill in a little better. Compared to years past I will say this was probably the smallest turn out for a free Preakness concert!

The Darkness played a set that was pretty standard & almost identical to the last time they played Ram’s Head Live a few months prior...Justin is the center of all attention and the one thing they did on this night that really made the show different than the last time they played here was after the 4th song in the set Justin asked all the men up front to take off their shirts because he said something about it being hot outside & he wanted to see the men take their shirts off.

Usually at a rock show the band will ask the females in attendance to take their tops off but not at this show...what happened next surprised me just a tad though.

The next song in the set Justin looked at the 5 men who took their shirts off and he told security to get them from the crowd & he then brought them onstage to dance behind the band...yes, The Darkness had topless men dancing onstage while they played and Justin seemed a tad overjoyed with things while hugging, high fiving & staring the men up and down.

Local radio personality Justin Schlegel from 98 Rock jumped onstage at this point too and made the entire moment a comical situation.

I’ll give The Darkness credit, they made the night fun & they put on a solid rock show that sounded great, was chock full o’ energy, over the top charisma & cheesy rock chiche’s.