May 20, 2013

Beware of Darkness - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


May 20, 2013

Baltimore, MD


Formed in 2010 by Kyle Nicolaides & Tony Cupito Beware of Darkness have already made a mark in the music world by opening for Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots & Social Distortion in a relatively short period of time which is a big deal for a new band! Beware of Darkness rolled through the Maryland area on a warm Monday evening and sadly the show itself had just around 30 people in attendance. Regardless of the small turn out Beware of Darkness gave the audience a kick ass rock show that oddly enough featured the bands lead single “Howl” played 2 times in the set!

Musically Kyle N. is a clean guitarist with a style that’s heavily influenced by Jack White and I can also hear a touch of The Vines in the bands overall sound.

The band played an obscure Beatles cover in the middle of the set & I’d describe Beware of Darkness’s live show as a full on, totally live, beer soaked rock extravaganza that’s a throw back to when bands actually played 100% live onstage with no auto tune, no samples & no backing tracks!

Interesting side note, the band did not drink at all onstage until the last song when a fan handed the band members shots....Kyle took a small sip & gave his shot to bassist Tony Cupito. When you watch Tony & Kyle play they both primarily play their instruments with their eyes shut.

All in all the show was a very low key ordeal and the band sounded excellent and they gave the crowd a solid rock show. If you like real live rock n roll I’d highly advise you check out Beware of Darkness when they play your town!