May 25, 2013

Baroness - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


May 25, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

BARONESS Set List:  Ogeechee Hymnal, Bones, March To The Sea, Horse, Foolsong, Little Things, Green Theme, Swollen Halo, Board Up The House, Sealungs, Cocanium, Eula, Sweetest Curse, Isak, The Gnashing, The Line Between, Jake Leg

“Baroness are the Stoner Rock equivalence of Dream Theatre”.....that’s how I described Baroness after witnessing their dynamic live show on May 25th, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The stage set up was simple with just a colorful backdrop yet the bands gear was far from minimal and included a nice assortment of boutique amps adorning the back of the stage while up front the pedal boards were jam packed. The drum kit sat directly on the stage with no riser and the bands stage presence was a mix of grunge meets 70’s rock because they didn’t dress up and they didn’t put too much emphasis on was all about the vibe & the music!

Trippy at times, heavy as hell, super vibey, artistically dark...that’s just a few phrases I’d use to describe the Baroness live show because the music is all over the place for the most part while the bulk of what the band does is rooted in hard rock. There’s places in many songs where the musical direction strays from standard hard rock & veers into trippy territory which is actually pretty cool if you can appreciate a wide range of moods in your rock.

I found it odd that the band performed their 2 radio singles early in the set...”Bones” was actually the 2nd song played this night & that was the song that most fans knew because it received radio airplay here in Maryland.

If you take note of every time the band changes guitars it’s primarily because they change tunings a few times in the set & each guitar is set to a different tuning for different songs.

The Baroness live show was really intense, their sound was heavy & thick with a good tone and their unique breakdowns and jams are what make the band so special.