Jun 29, 2013

Laura Wilde Interview

By Bob Suehs


An Interview with Laura Wilde

On August 16, 2013 Ted Nugent with special guest Laura Wilde play Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore and as a nice little teaser for the show, here’s a chat I had with Laura Wilde!

Rock N Roll Experience: This will be your 2nd tour with Ted Nugent...how was the first tour with him?

Laura Wilde: It was just amazing, I mean touring across the country, it’s an incredible experience and you get to play shows every night which is like a dream and (we) make so many new friends across the USA.

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you get the opening slot on the Ted Nugent tour?

Laura Wilde: I was working with a publicist at the time who coincidentally was Ted’s first publicist and she thought we’d be a great touring match so yeah, the rest is history.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is it hard to open for Ted Nugent?

Laura Wilde: Yes...for the first 3 songs they are kinda just sussing me out & seeing what the music’s like but by about the 4th song that’s when they start to get into it & by the end we are all having a great time.

Rock N Roll Experience: Were there any shows where the crowd harassed you at all?

Laura Wilde: Luckily no, not yet (laughs), we’ve still got about 30 dates coming up so that may change.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you party with the Ted Nugent band?

Laura Wilde: Yeah, we caught up with them after the shows a few times but I wouldn’t really...we don’t party that hard we just hang out & un-wind after shows.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who are some of your musical influences?

Laura Wilde: I grew up listening to 90’s bands like Greenday, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, but as I got older I started to dig deeper & listen to the bands that influenced them so there’s a whole bunch dating from every decade from Guns N Roses in the 80’s to Elvis in the 50’s & Robert Johnson in the 30’s but my music is really a mixture of influences from a whole range of different stems of rock n roll such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top & Glam bands like Sweet, Slade, T Rex, & punk bands like The Clash, The Ramones, Sex Pistols & the list goes on & on.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you heard the new Black Sabbath record?

Laura Wilde: Yes, I am actually setting in front of it right now, (laughs) and we streamed it live on Spotify the day that it came out. I am a huge fan & that rocked my world.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you jammed onstage with Ted Nugent yet?

Laura Wilde: I haven't but hopefully I might be so lucky.

Rock N Roll Experience: What song would you like to perform with Nugent?

Laura Wilde: Hopefully a bluesy song, I mean he did “Red House” last year in his set so depending upon whether or not that’s still in the set that would totally be my dream or “Stranglehold”.

Rock N Roll Experience: When this tour ends what’s next for your band?

Laura Wilde: We’ve got a new record in the works so we are just working on writing that at the moment so after the tour is over we will be hitting the studio & then getting it all under way.

August 16, 2013 Ted Nugent with special guest Laura Wilde at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore

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