Aug 13, 2013

Candlebox / Candlelight Red - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


August 13, 2013

Baltimore, MD


A barefooted Kevin Martin declared, “Candlebox were always the red headed step child of the Seattle Scene!” during a break in the bands set on this night and to be honest with you I never really considered Candlebox to be part of the Seattle scene simply because they hit towards the end of the 90’s grunge era and while they did have a good number of hits they were nothing like the core bands from that scene (Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soungarden, Pearl Jam).

Local rockers Sons of the Radio kicked off the show at 7:30 PM with a strong set of original material but sadly I missed their set...I managed to get there just before Candlelight Red took the stage.

Candlelight Red are Pennsylvania based & they have a very trendy modern rock sound that’s somewhere between Daughtry on a vocal level coupled with the newer sound of Sevendust....the band has a heavy side yet also maintain melodic elements with their music.

Candlelight Red ripped through an hour long set of material that included a cover of Roxettes “The Look” and within 2 minutes of leaving the stage the entire band were at their merch table meeting fans & selling product.

Candlebox were the nights featured presentation and they took the stage a few minutes after 10 PM opening with “Arrow”.

At this point the core of the band is still in tact with 3 of the 4 original members alongside a new bass player & a new 2nd guitarist. I was quite surprised when Kevin Martin told the crowd this would be the bands last US tour for about 3 years because they were going to South America after this leg of the tour ended & then they were taking a break for a bit.

The show itself was set up like a “Story Tellers” show from VH-1 and what I mean by that is between every song Kevin would explain what the song was about or he’d tell a random anecdote pertaining to the period where the song came from.

Candlebox sounded amazing, the vocals were strong & up front in the mix while the guitars were chunky yet clean & the drums were solid with force....this was one of the better sounding live shows I’ve seen at Soundstage and one little random fact that I can’t skip is the fact that EVERYTHING you heard from Candlebox was 100% played live on that stage...there were no tapes, no tracks, no was live as it was played by the band!

It is interesting to also realize that at this point Candlebox IS considered classic rock because they’ve been around over 20 years now & Kevin made a funny comment that he owed every person in that room a wealth of gratitude because back in the day they all bought Candlebox cassettes & CD’s which are a thing of the past now....calling Candlebox classic rock just feels odd because when I hear the term “Classic Rock” I think of AC/DC, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, etc.

Candlelight Red Set List: In Your Hands, Cutter, Disease, Feel The Same, The Look, Closer, Reflecting, Demons

Candlebox Set List: Arrow, Mamma’s Dream, She Come Over, Change, Blossom, Don’t You, He Calls Home, Breathe, Youth In Revolt, You, Summertime, Cover Me, Far Behind, No Sense, Rain

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