Aug 31, 2013

Electric Boa / Kill Betty - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


August 31, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Local band night at Rams Head is always fun because it’s the night the locals get to play on the big stage where the who’s who of rock royalty have played. This particular evening Philly rockers Electric Boa joined the Maryland based bill and the show was a very eclectic mix of rock music.

Electric Boa tore through an hour long set as if they were a national act who’d been there & done it before....they remind me alot of Buckcherry because their singer is Josh Todd-ish with just a tad bit of Iggy Pop to boot while their one guitarist reminds me of Keith from Buckcherry so the comparisons are to be expected.

Musically Electric Boa are high energy rock n roll with an old school blues based sound....they are a throw back to what rock n roll used to be many years ago.

Purge Effect delivered a really strong performance and I’ll admit that they come across much better on a large stage & in a room with good acoustics because I’ve seen Purge Effect in smaller rooms where they had horrible sound & no acoustic.....Purge Effect sound really good in the right room because every nuance of the bands music is present when the right acoustics are there.

Kill Betty were the nights headliner and before the bands set they debuted their new music video on a large screen behind the band. Kill Betty’s secret weapon is their singer...his vocals are golden & what’s funny about the band is that their looks do not match their music whatsoever!

The band sounded great and I have to give them kudos for recently inking a record deal...congrats!

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