Jun 29, 2011

Oh No Fiasco - Interview 2011

By Bob Suehs


June 29, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland


OH NO FIASCO are a fun pop/rock band that blends equal parts of Bjork & Muse with Flyleaf & Paramore...naturally a few of those comparisons are simply because of the bands exuberant lead singer, Lindsey Stamey, who's female presence is immediately obvious not only by her looks but by her lyrics & her strong presence in each song.

OH NO FIASCO opened up for Taddy Porter & RED on June 29th in Baltimore & the bands set was just under an hour in length & on this particular night it was the bands last night opening for RED on this tour & the band gave it their all during their set...the guitar tone was a mix of clean, echoey & punchy while the keyboards filled in all the gaps with a mix of synth tones & organic energy...the star attraction for the bands live show is singer Lindsey though!

On this night the boys in the band all sported black shirts with light green pants & after the show Lindsey pointed out to me that she was the one who sewed extra add ons to each shirt to make them unique!

Lindsey was the member of the band who wore something different...she had on a satin one piece jumper with lace leggings...her outfit reminded me vaguely of what the singer from Morningwood might wear...every member of the band also sported various "things" on their arms or face...the "things" were a mix of jewels & paint which gave the band a unique look that was part damaged art student, part modern rock neo-star. At the end of their set Kamryn decided to jump ontop of the bands Amps & do a large jump which you can see in the pics posted with this review.

I had the chance to sit down with the band after their set for a one on one interview with drummer Colin Cunningham & Keyboardist Kamryn Cunningham & Lindsey chimed in occasionally while eating nachos & surfing the web.


Rock N Roll Experience: Touring with the band RED I have to ask, do the Christian guys party hard?

Colin: No

Kamryn: (laughs)

Colin: Well, they do, they party in a very tame way (laughs)

Kamryn: They don't party! (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Why does the band body wear paint & "stuff" onstage?

Colin: Originally we did it because of a photo shoot idea that Lindsey had & we were all in white & we just covered ourselves in paint & that kinda translated live & we tried to do it live one time & people just loved it & then it just kinda kept growing & growing & growing & I like neon colors and....

Kamryn: It really fits the name, we like to be unpredictable everytime & we're never in the same outfits....everytime we do a tour we always dress up completely different...it keeps it fresh so we don't get bored with the same old show

Rock N Roll Experience: How long has the band been together?

Colin: This official band has been together since January of 2010, we changed our name to OH NO FIASCO in January of this year so yeah, about a year & 1/2 & before that we all played in various bands & stuff like that so we've been doing this for probably six years.

Rock N Roll Experience: Does the band name have anything to do with Yoko Ono?

Colin: No, it doesn't, but that's a good question actually.

Lindsey: There's a girl in the band!

Colin: There is a girl in the band but she's not nearly that big of a Beotch like Yoko Ono..she broke up the Beatles man!

Rock N Roll Experience: Who are some of your influences?

Colin: We're all entirely different, I take alot of influence from & I know our bass player does too from bands like Rage Against the Machine with the really tight pocketed rhythm.

Kamryn: We are all very independent on our influences personally, but as a band we are very into Muse, Bjork

Colin: Yeah, Bjork, honestly, I take some influence from Kanye West, I listen to his stuff....


Rock N Roll Experience: Kanye West pre or post Taylor Swift incident? Just kidding (laughs) (the subject of being on a Christian tour came up & being family friendly)

Lindsey: We're very family friendly, we'll never have any cussing onstage

Kamryn: No cussing, no drugs...we are here to entertain everyone.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you seen Ted Nugent in concert?

Colin: I have seen him before, I saw him with KISS in 1999 & he shot a flaming arrow through one of the speakers & it was awesome! I was 13 years old & I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Skid Row was on the bill but I didn't see them actually. Lots of pyro & boobies...that's all I remember.

Rock N Roll Experience: But at that show they were probably old boobies, right?

Colin: Negative, they were not old boobies! (laughs) I saw them in our hometown Knoxville & Paul Stanley was like, "They need to change the name from Knoxville to Knockersville!" because there were so many naked boobs up front & that's a true story!

Rock N Roll Experience: What's your favorite KISS song?

Colin: Probably "Detroit Rock City".

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the bands name mean?

Colin: Our band name was conceived in Michigan when we decided we needed a change..we used to be called The Few & we changed our name & we wanted to find something that described the spontaneity of our music & our live show & somebody was like, this is a fiasco! We were always a fiasco, so OH NO FIASCO kinda came out of that.

Kamryn: Have you seen our album cover? There you go!

Lindsey: It's also the initials of our Grandparents all together. Rock N Roll Experience: Is that true?

Colin: Yes...if you want it to be! (laughs)

Lindsey: I'm just joking! (Laughs)

Colin: We'll just make up stories some days. Rock N Roll Experience: Have you met any famous people who were jerks to you?

Colin: Yeah, we have! But I'm not going to say anything about it! I guess the question is, how famous? I don't know if you'd consider some of the bands we've toured with as famous, but...

Lindsey: Just don't say anything!

Colin: We've toured with some nice people & some not so nice people, but most everyone we've been on the road with were awesome. (Colin actually told me what band treated them band after the interview was over but I'm sworn to secrecy on that matter!)

One funny thing I have to mention is that after the interview Kamryn pointed out to me that his name was spelled wrong on their cd jacket & he took my cd case & crossed out the misspelled first name & wrote in KAMRYN over the spelling error! After he did that Lindsey quipped, "Did you just correct your name on his cd?"