Nov 8, 2013

Dir En Grey - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs

Dir En Grey


Baltimore, MD


I’m always amused by the crowd that shows up for a band like Dir En Grey when they play the States because Dir En Grey speak very little if any English yet the band has a rabid fan base which somehow manages to sing along to almost every song with the band despite almost all of their vocals being sung in another language.

The show itself wasn’t sold out like the first time I’d seen them but it had a decent amount of people. The fans showed up dressed more like anime characters than rock fans which created a cool visual if you are into people watching.

The opening band was ok but their sound was rather generic therefore I skipped most of their set and held out for Dir En Grey which started just around 9 PM.

The set list for this night was predominately newer material and the band skipped most of their older heavier material in favor of the newer, darker, slightly mellower stuff.

Kyo actually has a vocal range that’s similar to Geoff Tate from Queensryche and while watching this show I had the odd thought that Kyo would be a great fit in the new Tate-less version of Queensryche although I don’t believe the band itself would do any better because Geoff Tate IS Queensryche.

Kyo came out wearing a sheer black scarf which covered his shorn locks & skeletal painted face....his onstage presence is tiny yet his prowess to dominate the stage is monstrous.

For the bands encore Kyo scrubbed off all of his make up and the band left the crowd screaming for more when they left the stage.

The sound was clear, the crowd absorbed every moment and the show went off without any glitches. I was a tad shocked to see the concert end just around 10 PM which meant we had plenty of time to catch Raven headlining night #2 of Rock Harvest.

Dir En Grey Set List: Obscure, Juuyoku, Karma, Dozing Green, Gaika Chinmoku Ga, Bottom of Death Valley, The Blossoming Beelzebub, dead tree, Vinushka, Karasu, Rinkaku, Different Sense, Kasumi, Reiketsu Nariseba, The Final, Hageshiba To Kono Mune...

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