May 2, 2014

Sevendust - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


May 2, 2014

Baltimore, MD


The intro music for this show was interestingly enough “The Ballad of Jayne” by LA Guns and the entire set was intense acoustic based music....welcome to Sevendust Unplugged!

This show was billed as an “unplugged” show yet the bulk of the arrangements were not too far from the originals and the rhythm section were filling in the “heavy” parts because Morgan beat the hell out of his drums while the bass parts were played on an electric bass. The guitar parts were played with acoustics although they did use distortion in some parts so it was more like “Sevendust-light” compared to when Nirvana did their MTV unplugged which was all of their material totally stripped down to an almost campfire like jam.

Lajon’s mic stand had X-mas lights wrapped around it and it was similar to what Seether utilized a few tours back. Lajon’s voice sounds amazing in an unplugged setting because you can hear his full vocal range and he wasn’t fighting to be heard over top of distorted guitars.

The addition of an onstage keyboardist gave the musical arrangements a new twist. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it until I walked further into the crowd and heard the actual nuances the keys created for each song and then I understood why he was there.

Musically I always wrote off Sevendust as a simple nu-metal act but witnessing the band unplugged you have to respect their ability to change, adapt & re-create “new” music from their already established songs. “Black” is the first single off their new unplugged record & they did a good job of reinventing the track. “Black” sounds like a new song with a different focus, a new direction, and a new drive.

I was surprised there was no opening act; the band came out shortly after 9 PM and played set #1. They took a small intermission and came back 20 minutes later for set #2 and somehow it just made sense that an “unplugged evening with Sevendust” needed no opening act.

Tossed in the set was a cover of NIN’s “Hurt” which was dedicated to Johnny Cash and before the band finished their set with “Black” they did a small cover of “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks which actually lasted for almost 3 minutes before they started messing with the lyrics & joking around. Lajon joked that they needed to learn the song for real instead of just messin’ with it like that and Clint immediately interjected, “F**k Fleetwood Mac” & then went into a rant about how they were bad asses that partied harder than anyone, did more drugs than most & the rant itself just got weird to a point where Lajon stopped him & wanted to start the last song of the night.

Sevendust unplugged was a fun time, it was a tad somber here and there but overall it was a great musical experience.

Sevendust Set List: Trust, Prayer, Crucified, Xmas Day, Under It All, Skeleton Song, The Wait, Denial, Disgrace, Ass Drop, Gone, INTERMISSION, Come Down, Hurt (NIN cover), Karma, Got A Feeling, Angel Son, Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks cover), Black

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