Jul 21, 2014

Veruca Salt - Black Cat

By Bob Suehs



July 21, 2014

Black Cat

Washington, DC

Set List: Get Back, All Hail Me, It’s Holy, Straight, Forsythia, Spiderman '79, With David Bowie, One Last Time (partial), Don't Make Me Prove It, Wolf, I'm Taking Europe With Me, Kiss Me Til It Bleeds, Venus Man Trap, Aurora, Celebrate You, Number One Blind, The Museum of Broken Relationships, Hey Little Ghost, Seether, Shimmer Like A Girl, 25; Encore: Shutterbug, Volcano Girls, Victrola, Earthcrosser

When Nina, Louise, Steve & Jim took the tiny stage of The Black Cat in DC it felt like a homecoming where old friends were once again acquainted. The audience roared as the 4 original members of Veruca Salt ushered in a new era of the band which celebrated the past while welcoming the future.


Veruca Salt earned my respect on a writing level because they always wrote catchy, hook driven songs which caught my ear. Veruca Salt wrote their own music and never pulled a “Courtney Love” to achieve their success. Courtney Love had to use bigger rock stars (Kurt Cobain, Billy Corigan, etc.) to achieve fame whereas Veruca Salt did it on their own.

Age shows just a little on the members of the band BUT musically they sound as if no time has passed whatsoever. Veruca Salt were tight and they performed all of the standards just as they were performed over a decade ago....YES, the band still had “it”!

The show was sold out and a line stretched 2 blocks down awaiting doors to open....upon arriving I knew this was going to be a legendary performance and my intuition was 100% correct!


Opening with “Get Back” was appropriate and when Louise thanked the crowd for welcoming the band back to DC a few songs into the set you could feel the emotions running deep both on and off stage! It was clear that Veruca Salt had missed performing for their fans and their fans missed seeing them perform.

Nina anchored stage right while Jim had stage left, Louise was front and center with Steve remaining hidden behind the drum kit for most of the night. My initial feeling on this show was shared by most in attendance; The Black Cat was far too small of a venue for this show! Veruca Salt could have easily sold out a larger venue but I think they preferred their come back to be in this smaller venue.

The chemistry between Louise & Nina is still in tact and they commented that the first thing they did upon becoming friends again was recording new music! The new Veruca Salt tunes sound just like you’d expect, classic Veruca Salt rock n roll and at the bands merch table they sold the 2 new songs on a vinyl 45. The bands merch table was actually lackluster with only 3 shirt designs to choose from alongside their single.

“Straight” pummeled the crowd hard and “Don’t Make Me Prove it” sounded amazing! I didn’t realize until this night that “Venus Man Trap” was performed in Drop D tuning and during this point in the show they changed guitars to accommodate the tuning changes.


I had an absolute blast at this show and it made me fall in love with 90’s rock all over again because the musically high/low aesthetic from that era was let go once the 90’s ended.

Before they started “Volcano Girls” Nina commented, “It’s about to get loud!” and that one definitely made the crowd move! “Earth Crosser” was the nights closer and in my opinion it was the perfect ending for a perfect show!

Welcome back Veruca Salt!

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