Oct 14, 2014

Daisy Berkowitz - Bowery Electric

By Bob Suehs


October 14, 2014

Bowery Electric

New York, NY

Daisy Berkowitz aka Scott Mitchell & Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner created music which forever changed an entire generation of 90’s rock fans.

Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids were an eclectic band who’s sound was a tad amateur yet their looks made them stand out amongst the sea of grunge goons in the early 90’s. Daisy Berkowitz wrote the bulk of the music for all early Marilyn Manson music and the “Portrait of an American Family” record was his shining moment as a recording artist. Daisy wrote material for “AntiChrist Superstar” but left MM during the recording of ACSS to pursue a solo career. Creating his own bands, “Stuck on Evil” & “Three Ton Gate” and working as a touring guitarist for “Jack Off Jill” Daisy/Scott remained active in the music world post Manson.


Scott/Daisy chose to not perform Marilyn Manson material after his departure from MM and that’s why his performance on October 14, 2014 at the Bowery Electric in New York was such an interesting night.....Scott billed himself as “Daisy Berkowitz” and it was advertised that he would be performing a predominantly all “Marilyn Manson” oriented set!

The Bowery Electric is a rather small venue several doors down from the old CBGB with a cool upstairs bar which has a small area in the back where local bands can jam as well as a downstairs where the larger acts perform. On This night there were 4 bands on the bill with Daisy playing 2nd. It was obvious who was there to see Daisy and watching him set his own gear up I wasn’t sure what to expect. Daisy’s gear was nothing more than a small tube amp, a fuzz face pedal and a red Fender Strat.

Daisy looked healthy and asked a friend to intro him....this led into the nights first song which I believe was an Adele song? The 2nd song of the night was “Cake and Sodomy” by Manson and this was the first time Daisy had performed “Cake” in nearly 20 years onstage!

The performance was okay and reminded me of the first time I’d heard Marilyn Manson.....musically I always felt like “Portrait of an American Family” was a tad weak because the players on that record were just average; it was Trent Reznor that made that record stand out due to his overall production of the record. “My Monkey” was probably the stand out song from “P.O.A.A.F.” which showed some interesting riffs and overall creativity....I just didn’t care for MM until I saw Manson live. The Marilyn Manson live experience during the “Portrait” era was dangerous, fun, and a drastic change from the death of rock star era known as grunge.


Watching Daisy perform solo this night was a rare chance to see Daisy perform songs he wrote many years prior BUT what he lacked was a backing band. Daisy rearranged the classic Manson material and did everything in singer/songwriter style which showed how limited some of the classic Manson material was on a musical level.

I’m not slamming Daisy for doing a one man show by any means, I’m happy that he’s out there still performing these songs, but if I told you that this was his best performance ever I’d be lying....the show was a nice little romp into nostalgia land where you could hear the old school Manson material performed live by the man who wrote the music and that’s essentially what this performance was about, celebrating the past.


During “Lunchbox” Daisy veered off and performed “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads, a Ramones song and one other song which I didn’t recognize which was a tribute to the NYC punk scene.

“My Monkey” was the highlight of the show because it’s the one song that worked extremely well with no backing band...the core of the MM material needed a backing band to sound decent.



Interesting sidenote, just before the show started Daisy jammed the riffs of “Get Your Gunn” and just before walking off stage he started to play “Sweet Dreams”.

Daisy will be performing another MM set in December at the Bowery Electric and I would highly suggest going to check out that show because you never know just how many of these rare all Manson sets he will do!