Oct 24, 2014

Judas Priest / Steel Panther - Pier Six

By Bob Suehs



October 24, 2014

Pier Six

Baltimore, MD

Judas Priest Set List: Battle Cry Intro, Dragonaut, Metal Gods, Devils Child, Victim of Changes, Halls of Valhalla, Love Bites, March of the Damned, Turbolover, Redeemer of Souls, Beyond the Realms, Jawbreaker, Breaking The Law, Hell Bent For Leather, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming Living After Midnight

The outdoor venue Pier Six extended their season by a few weeks to accommodate the Judas Priest tour which played Baltimore on a mild October night. On this evening it was not super cold and the fall weather made it a perfect night to pull out the leather!

It’s interesting how so many people were bitching about Steel Panther being the opener for this show....The Panther killed it and the crowd roared for them!

Steel Panther filmed a Doritos commercial earlier in the day for possible use on the Super Bowl and like I said in the beginning of this review, The Panther captivated the crowd with their mock arena cock rock. In reality, Panther was the perfect opener because the mostly older crowd enjoyed Panther’s retro throwback to 80’s hair metal era.

Steel Panther’s hour long set ended with Michael inviting all the pretty girls in the crowd to come up & dance onstage...I counted 3 that I knew personally up there!

Once Steel Panther finished their set a large curtain was dropped so the Judas Priest stage could be set up. The band took the stage promptly at 9 PM and what I will say about their set list is that they don’t stick to “The Hits”. Priest try to toss in deep cuts, new material, and fan favorites....I know the die hard fans will hate me for saying this BUT I understand why some bands stick to the “Greatest Hits” set list; It’s because the casual fan only really knows the “hits”.... the deep cuts and the new stuff tend to make the casual fan lose interest and that’s always the situation an older band has to contend with.

When Priest took the stage my first thought was, “Wow, KK’s replacement looks just like KK!” From a distance you can’t tell it’s not KK up there BUT the overall flaw with KK’s clone is that he makes Rob, Glen, & Ian look old as hell! KK Jr. (Richie) owned the stage....he ran around, interacted with the crowd, tossed guitar picks, and after the show he actually came out to meet fans and sign autographs. The Oddest moment in the set though was when Richie was given a 5 minute guitar solo and the entire band left the stage....Judas Priest IS Rob, Glen & Ian and taking any of those key 3 off the stage is a huge no/no! It’s interesting that Priest chose a replacement so similar in looks to KK because in some ways it’s a like a huge smack in the face to KK because the band proved that it’s not about KK being up there, it’s about having a blonde dude onstage playing a flying V guitar.

From start to finish Judas Priest kept the show flowing, they rocked hard, they delivered a strong set full of metal, and they proved that they still have “it”. The stage set up was very digital with onstage monitors everywhere, the band had a perfect sound mix, and the show was sold out...this proved that metal fans still exist! The problem was that there are no bands like Judas Priest anymore. This show was a pure heavy metal experience right down to the pre-gaming that took place in the parking lot prior to the show!

Sadly there were a few low moments during the show: There were a few fights in the crowd, one fan maced another fan, and someone fell off the edge of the pier and into the water. (For those not familiar with Pier Six, it’s on the waterfront and surrounded by The Chesapeake Bay.)

Viva la Judas Priest, Viva la Heavy Metal, Rock is not dead!