Nov 1, 2014

Richie Kotzen - Rams Head Onstage

By Bob Suehs


November 1, 2014

Rams Head Onstage

Annapolis, MD

“It’s shocking that Richie was ever a member of Poison because he’s a million times better than every member of that band, Period!” That’s exactly what I was thinking as I witnessed Richie exude his brand of rock n soul onstage at Rams Head in Annapolis.

The venue was a small dinner theater styled room which held around 300 people. Fans sat at tables and ate dinner while Richie jammed with passion and fury on a stage which was quaint compared to the arena’s he’s played with Poison.

Richie’s backing band were strong players who’s musical prowess stood perfectly alongside Kotzen. At one point Kotzen left the stage and allowed his rhythm section to jam out a cover of “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream as an ode to Jack Bruce.

Kotzen’s thin frame houses a thick and soulful voice which I never knew he possessed until this night! I had always known Kotzen was a shredder but I had never seen him sing live until this night. Kotzen’s vocals are as impressive as his guitar playing which is rare in the music world these days.

I did laugh at the fact that the merch booth was selling Richie Kotzen guitar picks considering the fact that Richie finger picks everything and doesn’t use a pick at all!

Musically the 90 minute set was a nice balance of singer/songwriter, shred, rock, soul, and amazing musicianship. I would highly advise any fans of music to check out Richie Kotzen’s live show because he’s an amazing performer you have to see!