Nov 6, 2014

Ozzy Osbourne - "Memoirs of a Madman"

By Bob Suehs


”Memoirs Of A Madman” CD / 2 DVD set

When an artist releases a career spanning “best of” package it’s usually a cash grab in this era because most bands will release “best of” sets after a decade together. Ozzy has been at it over 40 years and this 2 DVD / 1 CD set is a well deserved flashback of the Madman’s career.

What’s odd to me is that the CD & DVD are missing one song, ”Shot In The Dark”, which was essentially a big hit for Mr. Osbourne!

The audio cd starts off with the Randy Rhoads era and I’ll be blunt, the first 4 songs are the best of the set. Jake E. Lee is represented on 2 tracks and Zakk Wylde’s contributions to the Ozzman’s career received the most love on this set.

The “best of” cd is ok, I’d advise any new Ozzy fan to purchase “Blizzard of Ozz” & “Diary of a Madman” simply because both releases are works of art from start to finish & as far as the “singles”, most people already know them so the cd set is secondary to the “best of” dvd in my opinion.

The 2 dvd set entitled “Memoirs of a Madman” is what you want to check out because it’s where you experience Ozzy and company.

DVD #1 is a compilation of Ozzy’s promo videos. What I never realized was just how low budget most of Ozz’s vids are/were.....”Crazy Babies” & “Miracle Man” are probably the only 2 vids that stood the test of time and still look cool while clips like “So Tired” and “Mama I’m Coming Home” look a tad dated in 2014.

DVD #2 is the one you want to check out because it’s a career retrospective and highlights live footage of Ozzy which is where he shines!

Ozzy’s always had a great backing band and DVD #2 kicks off with classic footage of Randy Rhoads, Rudy Sarzo & Tommy Aldridge jammin! Seeing Tommy’s afro bounce, watching Randy shred, Rudy’s red jumpsuit....this makes the entire set worthwhile!

The interview segments provide video proof of how Ozzy used to look pre-facelift as well as witnessing the evolution of Zakk Wylde from skinny kid to Mega-Muscle-Man is interesting!

“Perry Mason” is actually one of my favorite moments because it’s the only clip you see with Joe Holmes. I’ve always felt like Joe Holmes was a great fit for Ozzy’s band and never understood why he was let go after just one tour!

I will admit that watching this 2 dvd set made me teary eyed because what you realize while viewing this set is that Ozzy is at the end of his career and there will be a day when there is no more Ozzy which the video “Life Won’t Wait” lays out.

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