Nov 17, 2014

Powerman 5000 - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs



November 17, 2014


Baltimore, MD


Powerman 5000 set list: Super Villain, Invade Destroy Repeat, Nobody’s Real, Hey That’s Right, How To Be A Human, You’re Gonna Love It, Horror Show, I Can’t Fucking Hear You, Bombshell, We Want It All, Supernova, World’s Collide


Initially this tour was a joint run with Wayne Static & PM5K co-headlining together but sadly Mr. Static passed away just before the tour start thus making it a Powerman 5000 headlining tour.

Spider and the boys have a new record out and this line up of PM5K has gelled together quite well over the past year or so.


I arrived just before American Head Charge took the stage and my first observation was how much weight bassist Chad Hanks has gained over the course of a year. Chad was thin and looked almost sickly the last time I’d seen this point he’s looking healthier and more like he did a few years prior. Musically AHC sounded good, the overall sound mix was a tad muddy but that’s par for the course when you’re the opening band.

Powerman 5000 had a stage full of gear and their sound was much clearer than American Head Charge’s. Spider has always reminded me looks wise of Billy Idol when I see him onstage and his blonde locks always made him distinct from his band of primarily dark haired dudes.

The set felt a tad short and the band played a little over an hour with several new songs mixed into the set.

I give PM5K props for keeping their merch prices low: all shirts were $20 and the entire band came out after the show to meet fans and sign autographs.

Crowd wise this was a small show but for a Monday night in Baltimore I’d say it was a decent sized crowd considering Maryland rocks (sometimes) on the weekend.


The one thing that did surprise me was that neither American Head Charge or Powerman 5000 made mention of Wayne Static’s passing....this show was billed as a “Tribute to Wayne” yet neither band said one word about the man.

All in all Powerman 5000 rocked hard, sounded great, and they delivered a solid set.

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