Nov 19, 2014

Slipknot / Korn - Royal Farms Arena

By Bob Suehs


November 19, 2014

Royal Farms Arena

Baltimore, MD

Slipknot & Korn played the chicken box in Baltimore on November 19 and the term “Chicken Box” is a joke regarding the recent name change to the Baltimore Arena...worst arena name EVER!

I arrived just as Korn were taking the stage and could hear “Twist” from outside the arena...the booming bass Fieldy played onstage made the building rumble outside! Korn have changed over the years and the addition of an onstage keyboard player allows the band to enhance their sound with “elements” and background while the bands core sound still remains guitar(s), bass & drum.

Jonathan Davis was on fire and the band sounded great from start to finish. I give Korn credit for lasting as long as they have....they started as a rap/rock hybrid in the mid 90’s and managed to hold onto the torch long enough to create a legacy/fanbase that stood by their side.

“Shoots & Ladders” received the largest crowd response and “Blind” was the set closer.

Slipknot were next and once Korn’s gear was moved from the stage a large layered blue curtain dropped down so the Slipknot stage could be set up properly.

Slipknot’s stage reminded me of a New Orleans styled party with lights strung across the ceiling, a large demon head dead center behind the stage, and the best way I can describe the overall theme for Slipknot’s stage set up is that it was a “dark satanic party”.

With Joey & Paul gone from the live show there is a different “feel” to what Slipknot does onstage now. Slipknot 2014 is the Corey Taylor experience and at this point I think you could replace all Slipknot band members and still arrive with the same product as long as Taylor is there to lead the band. I make that statement simply because the entity of “Slipknot” is a faceless band who’s members all wear masks which hide their identities..... seeing how easy it was for the band to replace the 2 core members (Paul & Joey) it’s obvious that the only irreplaceable member is Taylor at this point.

Slipknot were always a hectic, chaotic force onstage in terms of their stage show and their energy. At this point the band is a tad mellower and Clown’s onstage performance this night was nowhere near what it used to be.

Slipknot delivered a big rock show complete with pyro, back to back hits, full production, and all the rock clichés which made the show amazing!

Taylor promised the crowd that Slipknot would be back again soon and the crowd loved every moment of the show.

Looking around the arena I couldn’t help but notice that the entire lower concourse was packed yet the entire upper concourse (nose bleed section) was empty.....a few years prior Slipknot had sold this arena completely out.

“Heretic Anthem”, “People = Shit”, “Wait & Bleed”, “Surfacing”, “Sic”, “The Negative One” & “The Devil In I” all sounded great and at one point a fan tossed a Halloween mask onstage which kinda looked like it had Joey Jordsion’s mask design on it....Corey quickly tossed it offstage!

All in all this was a great rock show and it proved that rock is not dead!