Nov 30, 2014

HED PE / Dope - Fish Head Cantina

By Bob Suehs


November 30, 2014

Fish Head Cantina

Baltimore, MD

I was very impressed to walk into this show on a Sunday night and see it jam packed!

Dope took the stage shortly after 8 PM and the first thing I noticed was Virus back onstage with Dope BUT Virus is currently playing bass in Dope 2014!

Taped next to the bands set list was a breakdown of how a new song went and the onstage setlist was not accurate due to the bands “samples” not working properly.

I’ll give Dope credit for investing in their live show because the new onstage LED monitors give the band a large arena styled show on a smaller club stage.

During Dope’s set the crowd became chaotic and the barricade which separated the crowd from the stage was pushed forward several inches. At one point security tossed a patron or two out the side door for being unruly and Edsil commented that he hated when security tossed fans out and asked that they please be allowed back in.

Hed PE opened their set under the cover of darkness and what impressed me with the HED PE set was how the band was extremely minimal: guitar, bass, drums, vocals with NO pyro, NO frills, NO extreme lights, just pure energy!

During the HED PE set things got a tad crazy and the entire barricade was shoved all the way against the stage which sent security in a scramble to get it back in place and keep the crowd calm. I will state for the record that there was NO violence in the crowd.... the crowd was simply moshing, having fun & enjoying the show.

HED PE brought a fun show that varied from punk to ska and I left this show satisfied in a way that most bands can’t deliver because HED PE offer up various genre’s and when you see a HED PE show you get your moneys worth!

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