Dec 10, 2014

Chevelle / Crobot - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


December 10, 2014

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD


Chevelle Set List: An Island, HOTTB, Sleep Apnea, The Clincher, Jars, Family System, Take Out The Gunman, Jawbreaker, Still Running, I Get It, Vitamin R, Envy, Forfeit, Send The Pain Below, ENCORE: The Red, Comfortable Liar, Face To The Floor

Crobot Set List: Space, Cloud, Skull, Night, La Mano, Nowhere, Necro, Chupa, Queen, Fly

A sold out show in Baltimore, Maryland on a Wednesday night is a beautiful thing! Seeing a large club filled with rock n roll people reaffirmed that rock is NOT dead that it’s simply changed it’s form just a little.

Crobot took the stage shortly after 8 PM and their set was an hour long explosion of rock n roll dynamics, groovy rhythm, chunky riffs, and soaring vocals. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Crobot on both large stage and small stages. The smaller stages allow Crobot to be more intimate and fun while the larger stages force the band to pump up their “big” rock game just a bit. Seeing Crobot on the large Rams Head Live stage was interesting because the larger stage created that illusion of “mega-rock-stardom” which Crobot ran with quite well.

My only complaint with Rams Head Live is that the sound is only “sweet” within the pit area and the upstairs. If you are stuck to the far sides of the venue or back near the bar area(s) you lose all dynamics to the live sound & things sound muddy.

Up front Crobot sounded great, they delivered a high energy set and in my personal opinion they blew Chevelle away in terms of their onstage performance!

Chevelle were the headliner and they brought a massive light show which gave Rams Head Live a large arena feel at times. I’ve always given Chevelle credit for sounding superb live and this show was no exception!

Chevelle bridges the gap between Grunge and 90’s alt rock perfectly and what’s shocking is that Chevelle are almost classic rock at this point!

The crowd was packed in tight to see Chevelle and the mosh pit was steady for most of their set. The set closed with “Send The Pain Below” and the encore was a 3 song set which closed the show perfectly.