Dec 13, 2014

Gwar / Corrosion of Conformity - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


December 13, 2014


Baltimore, MD

Packed in like sardines on 12/13/14 in Baltimore, Gwar’s first tour since Oderus’ death was an overwhelming success despite the mood of the show being sad & depressing.

Direct support for the show was delivered by Corrosion of Conformity. COC opened their set with an instrumental version of “Seven Days” and this was actually the bands last tour as a three piece because in 2015 Pepper returns to the fold!

Woody Weatherman’s guitar tone is God-like and the perfect mix of high’s & low’s.....his leads have an earthy tone that most guitarists strive to achieve. Interesting side note: the battered, cream colored guitars Weatherman uses onstage are NOT Gibson SG’s! The guitars Weatherman uses onstage are ESP knock off's which look so similar to an SG you would never know the difference unless you examined the headstock!

“Vote With A Bullet” sounded amazing but “Deliverance” was the song that stole the show! The sound mix for COC was just a tad muddy but on many levels the muddy mix worked perfect for COC because it added some tone to their 3 piece sound. Gwar made a small appearance in COC’s set towards the end which was a nice surprise.

Corrosion of Conformity delivered a kick ass set and while it’s hard to compete with a show like Gwar’s, on a musical level COC were better than Gwar!

The stage at Soundstage is far from small yet not large enough for a Gwar show. Props were everywhere, blood was released, monsters roamed the stage, and Gwar did what they do without their fearless large-dicked leader Oderus.

To be blunt with you, the Gwar experience was depressing on this night because the show started off with a short video that explained how Oderus was “lost” and they were going to attempt to “bring him back” with a time machine. The pit erupted almost as soon as the band took the stage thus requiring the security to earn their pay on this night!

Between every song the members of Gwar checked the “Time Machine” to see if they had found Oderus. They tried to lure Oderus back with things he liked and at one point a giant needle and a clump of heroin were brought onto the stage and the members of the band fought the needle while music played.

At one point in the set they managed to bring back Oderus’s penis but were unable to find Oderus. The sad moment of the night was when a giant monster came out and announced, “Oderus is dead, I killed him and he’s never coming back!”. A cover of “People who Died” by Jim Carrol was played but the lyrics were altered to “Oderus Died” and overall the entire night was both a celebration and a sob-fest because YES, Gwar delivered a great show, BUT it was just depressing as hell because without Oderus it’s not the same.

The last song of the night was simple & most of the band stripped off their costumes and played the song as “humans” which was an ode to Oderus.

I’m on the fence with how I feel about the current version of Gwar because Brockey WAS the leader of Gwar....without Brockey it’s not the same and never will be. On one hand the surviving members of Gwar did deliver a great, blood soaked show which the crowd loved, BUT it was also so very different without Oderus that it wasn’t the same. If Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley were no longer in KISS it simply wouldn’t be KISS because those 2 ARE the essence of KISS, but with Gwar, on a talent level, they are interchangeable as members in costumes. Regardless....long live Gwar, let the blood flow forever!