Dec 31, 2014

Steel Panther / Charm City Devils - The Fillmore

By Bob Suehs


December 31, 2014

The Fillmore

Silver Springs, Maryland

What better way to say goodbye to 2014 than rockin’ out with Baltimore’s own Charm City Devils & Cali’s last true hair metal band Steel Panther!

Doors opened at 8 PM and Charm City Devils took the stage around 9:15 PM opening with “Spite”. For Charm City Devils this show was the perfect ending to an amazing year for the band. Releasing a brand new record, touring across the USA, and gearing up for even more touring in 2015, CCD took the stage this night engaged and ready to rock!

The bands hour long set featured 3 songs from each record along with the set closer which was a Black Keys cover, “I Got Mine”. It’s interesting to have observed CCD’s transformation over the years because the band has gelled as a unit and went from “The John Allen Show” to an actual band whose members all interact, function and work as a whole to make Charm City Devils what it is. I remember seeing early incarnations of what eventually became Charm City Devils and John went from playing guitar and singing to just being a front man and owning the stage. Charm City Devils are an amazing live rock band, bottom line, and if you’ve never seen them live you are missing out because they are well worth checking out!

The set change between bands went fast and around 30 minutes after CCD finished Steel Panther took the stage for a night of parody hair metal. The VIP area with seated tables upstairs had sold out in advance with just the standing room floor left and by the time Steel Panther took the stage most of the floor was filled in.

Michael: “Holy shit, there’s a black girl with a white guy....thank you for choosing to down-size!”

Lexxi: “If they have a kid it’ll be a zebra!”

The above exchange was said post 2nd song of the set and thus explains the Steel Panther experience if you’ve never seen them before! Songs about Senior Center Gang Bangs, Groupies, Jizzin’ on Kanye’s Chest, and a hair solo....the Steel Panther experience is a comedic romp that’s pure hair metal & dick jokes. Beavis & Butthead with guitars....that’s the best way to describe a Steel Panther concert!

When the clock struck midnight there was a massive balloon drop which led directly into “Death To All But Metal”. It was weird to hear balloons being popped throughout the venue because the popping sounded like guns going off in the crowd. At times the balloon popping was louder than Steel Panther’s playing!

Overall spending NYE with Steel Panther & Charm City Devils was an absolute blast and one random observation I made throughout the show was how much both Charm City Devils & Steel Panther smiled onstage....both bands clearly had a great time playing and they couldn’t hide the giant grins which proved it!