Jan 14, 2015

Papa Roach / Seether / Kyng / Islander - Fillmore

By Bob Suehs


January 14, 2015

The Fillmore

Silver Spring, Maryland


KYNG set list: In the Valley, Pushing & Pulling, Electric Halo, Burn The Serum, Hot For Teacher (Van Halen cover), Falling Down, *Bonus song*

On paper this billing makes very practical sense because the headliner has a 15+ year history of hits, the co-headliner is one of the more consistent modern rock acts out there, and the 2 baby bands on the bill fill in the gaps with solid guitar based rock n roll.

Doors opened at 5:30 PM and Islander took the stage at 6:30 PM sharp. I was surprised to see the venue almost totally filled by the time Islander finished their short set because quite often you will see a smaller crowd for the openers on a work/school day. Islander delivered a chunky set of soulful crunch that’s part nu-metal, part classic hard rock. The crowd went crazy throughout Islander’s set and my only regret was being stuck in traffic because that’s the reason why I missed some of Islander’s set.

KYNG: Eddie, Tony, & Pepi NEVER disappoint when you see them perform and on this bill KYNG are the only band that brought the dirty Sabbath style with fuzzy guitars, sweaty solo’s, thick rhythm & Eddie’s “Chris Cornell” styled vocals.

KYNG performed their cover of “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen and that one definitely brought the crowd to their knees. KYNG had a few minutes left once their posted set list was played so Eddie announced they could play one more song.

Seether had to play after KYNG and in my opinion KYNG were better than Seether on this night. Seether delivered a strong set chock full o’ 90’s grunge apathy coupled with 2000’s nu-metal. When you see Seether live you realize just how many radio singles this band has because their set was filled with singles that the entire crowd knew!

“”Broken”, “Tonight”, “Fake It”, & “Rise Above” were just a small slice of the bands set list. Seether’s mock giant Amps gave their stage set a larger than life arena rock feel and sound wise Seether sounded amazing!

Papa Roach were the nights headliner and I was surprised that in 2015 the band’s fan base is still intact and “there”! The bands set opened with “Fear” which led into “Still Swinging” & “Getting Away with Murder”. Jacoby and the boys delivered a kick ass set that covered all the hits alongside a few new ones from their forthcoming record.

“Angels & Insects” was probably my personal favorite of the night because the band plays it with the same energy that they did when it first came out! “Broken Home” was started with an intro from an Eminem song which Papa Roach owned. “Forever” followed and that was the moment where the entire crowd sang along and Jacoby seemed a bit touched. I roamed throughout the venue just a little during Papa Roach’s set and no matter where you stood the band sounded amazing. It was actually hard to move around the venue because by the time Papa Roach took the stage the show was sold out & packed in super tight!

“Last Resort” was the last song of the night & it brought the house down! Overall this was a great night of rock n roll and everyone in attendance left exhilarated.