Feb 24, 2015

Red, Islander, 3 Years Hollow - Soundstage

By Bob Suehs


RED / Islander / 3 Years Hollow

February 24, 2015


Baltimore, Maryland

Musically, all bands on this bill were diverse and “different” stylistically to a point where you had one part of the set which was nu-metal, one part was hard rock, and the main course was power driven, sample heavy, & symphonic.

Local openers Cyrenic started the evening off right and 3 Years Hollow followed them with a strong/subversive set. 3 Years Hollow received help from Clint Lowery while working on their latest record and the band commented during their set that they had Maryland ties.

Islander hail from Greenville, South Carolina, and their latest release “Violence & Destruction” is hybrid of nu-metal with hiphop styled vocals. Islander were fun to watch and from my vantage point they brought the most onstage energy of the night!

This was actually Islanders first night on the tour so in many ways I feel like they stepped up their game so they could make their mark on the bill and earn their spot which they did in spades!

Red are from Nashville, Tennessee but you’d never know it because they harbor absolutely no country flavor in their music. Formed in 2004 by twin brothers, RED gained notoriety amongst the Christian music scene and have toured the world spreading their music & message to the masses. RED’s set started with an ominous looking man dressed in a Raven mask looming over the crowd.

Singer Michael Barnes brought the room down at one point by asking the crowd if they knew how lucky they were to have clean water....he then spoke of how children in other countries had no clean water and that we all needed to help. The general crowd consesus was that Michael had went too far and had brought the upbeat mood of the show to a screaching halt.

This show was special because it was the day RED’s latest effort “Of Beauty and Rage” was released & fans clammored to buy it at the merch table. One interesting side note about the RED merch table was that they offered a selection of older RED shirts for $15. There was literally a large bin of older RED merch & everything in the bin was $15.