Mar 3, 2015

Hell Yeah - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


HELL YEAH / Devour The Day / Like A Storm

March 3, 2015

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

Hell Yeah Set List: Hell Yeah, Matter, Blood, Demons, War, Moth, Cross, BOB, DMF, Say When, Alcohaulin’ Ass, You Wouldn’t Know, Cowboy

In 2007 Hell Yeah performed their debut show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD....the security was intense due to that show being Vinnie Paul’s triumphant return to the concert stage. Everything goes full circle in life and on March 3, 2015 Hell Yeah returned to the spot where it all began!

The weather was an issue; it was snowing and the roads were ice covered with temperatures below freezing. I arrived just as Like A Storm were finishing their set and was pleasantly surprised to see the venue had a large crowd in attendance despite the bad weather conditions.

Devour The Day had a muddy sound mix and most of their set suffered due to the bad audio mix. I give Devour The Day credit for opening because they took the stage like troopers and rocked hard despite the crowd’s minimal reaction to their set.

The large backdrop said “Hell Yeah” and featured the bands “Blood For Blood” record cover while “Blood For Blood” in Spanish was written on large onstage banners which covered the bands amps.

New guitarist Christian Brady adds a new level (no pun intended!) to the bands sound and his guitar solo’s are new and refreshing to the bands sound. New bassist Kyle Sanders adds dreads and energy to the bands live show.

Hell Yeah 2015 is a new/fresh version of the band and the 3 original members have stepped up the energy and attitude to accommodate the bands growth. Vinnie Paul is the selling point of Hell Yeah but Chad Gray is the star of the live show.

Chad still holds onto pieces of his Mudvayne days with painted black fingernails, black eye make up, and punk rock hair. 3 songs into the set Kyle confronted Chad with a mouthful of fake blood which he split directly onto his face. If you look at the pics posted in this review, the fake blood on Chad’s face was literally spit onto his face by Kyle just before “Blood”!

Sound wise Hell Yeah were loud, rude, and intense with Chad’s vocals high in the mix so you could hear every scream from Mr. Gray.

Rock N Roll Experience was the first web site to feature a full review and photo’s from the debut Hell Yeah live gig way back in 2007 and having been there since day #1 I have to admit that Hell Yeah have grown, developed, and become a really solid band who’s members work well together. In the beginning it was easy to say, “Hell Yeah are just a supergroup because you have 1/2 of Mudvayne, 1/2 of Damage Plan, and Tom Maxwell from Nothingface”, but at this point the members of the band no longer hold on to their past fame due in part to Hell Yeah finally developing it’s own “style” that IS “Hell Yeah”.

Hell Yeah in 2015 is a strong, powerful, unique band who’s sound is part groove, part thrash, and all metal!