Feb 12, 2011

Buckcherry / Hell Yeah - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs


February 12, 2011

Baltimore, MD


All That Remains Set list:  Intro, Two Weeks, Air, Dead Wrong, Forever In Your Hands, Aggressive Opposition, Six, Some Of The People, This Calling, Hold On

Hell Yeah set list:  Cowboy, Matter, Stampede, Hell of a Time, Betterman, Wouldn't, Alcohaulin', Hellyeah

Buckcherry set list: Dead, Rescue Me, All Night Long, Everything, I Want You, It's A Party, Next 2 You, Lit Up, Slammin', Lawless and Lu Lu, Onset, Sorry, Crazy Bitch, Out of Line, Whiskey 


Jagermeister brought the 2011 Buckcherry tour to Baltimore on February 12 & the show itself was sold out with a crowd that was as diverse at the bands on the bill.

Buckcherry brought old school hard rock ala The Rolling Stones meets Guns N Roses, Hell Yeah brought their brand of redneck metal, All That Remains served up a healthy slab o' metal-core & The Damned Things brought out a unique supergroup that features a few guys from Anthrax, Fall Out Boy & Everytime I Die...the crowd was just as diverse with old school metal heads, middle of the road rock radio listeners, young kids, middle aged groupie women who tried their best to show the "goods" in hopes of hooking up with band members & there was even a dude who looked like a retarded Bret Michaels! It's safe to say that the crowd was there to rock & the show was presented by Jagermeister which meant there were Jager specials all night long, including a FREE Jager shot for all patrons 21+ prior to Buckcherry's set!

I tried my best to make it there on time to catch The Damned Things, but their set started at 6:30 PM & they were done just around 7 PM so I missed their set by a few minutes...I was bummed by that, but All That Remains were a great first band to catch...the bands set was short & just around 30 minutes long which allowed the band to play their 2 radio singles as well as a few selections from the bands last 2 records.

My first observation was the large Apple logo on Phil's leg...I certainly hope he got a few dollars for advertising Apple like that on his body!

Hell Yeah were next up & my first observation was that Vin's drum kit was no longer shoved wayyyy in the back & he was actually closer to the front of the stage & visible to the crowd!

Ram's Head Live has serious history with the band Hell Yeah, this is the venue where the bands first live show EVER took place & Mudvayne/Hell Yeah vocalist Chad commented that the venue was a very special place for the band.

Tom Maxwell is a Baltimore boy & he definitely had his fans, friends & Maryland family in attendance at this show.

Chad actually reminded me alot of Phil Anselmo at this show because he was sporting camo shorts & did a serious amount of between song talking...one such rant allowed Chad to tell the crowd how he'd been partying the night before & that he felt horrible up until he took the stage & that he was giving the crowd the show they demanded even if he didn't feel good; then another rant was focused on how someone gave the band a large assortment of cakes, candies & cookies backstage & Chad seemed to REALLY appreciate the junk food that Maryland supplied him with!

Hell Yeah should have been the nights headliner in all honesty, they sounded better than Buckcherry, they played harder & they seemed a bit more "real" than Buckcherry did, but more on the Buckcherry set in a moment.

Chad was sporting a pair of red hightop shoes which appropriately matched his red shirt...it was kinda like he went from wearing a gorilla suit in Mudvayne to sporting a grunge meets the kool-aid man look for Hell Yeah.

Again, I will state that the biggest crowd reaction of the night & the best pit action was all happening during Hell Yeah's set!

Up next were the headliners of the night, don't call them Chuck Berry, it's Buckcherry!

Josh Todd & Keith Nelson have done a good job at keeping the Buckcherry brand alive and well these past few years...the "15" record brought the band back from the dead, but sadly, every record after that big comeback just missed the mark in both sales & writing, yet the crowd still comes out to see some real, old school, blues based riff rock!

Opening with "Dead" which just happens to be the bands currents single, Josh Todd & the boys took the stage under a quick flash of darkness & the band came out swingin' from start to finish; what I did happen to notice right away though is that the band is finally starting to show a little age & road wear at this point in their career.

Don't get me wrong, the band sounded tight with moments of sloppiness here & there, Josh commanded the crowd with his spastic dance moves & his heavily tattooed frame while the overall stage set up was simple; a few amps, a drum kit & the band...they had no real frills for this tour, the only thing the band relied on was their musicianship & their energy which the crowd devoured every drop of!

During "Crazy Bitch" it was noticeable that Josh Todd mellowed out his often times over the top rant before the song started & in the middle of the song they did a cover of that 70's song that goes, "Do a little dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down tonight.." & the interesting thing to note is that the nights encore was NOT the bands biggest hits...it's odd that they played all their "hits" early & closed on obscure songs!

The personal highlight of the Buckcherry set for me was "Lawless & Lu Lu" which got the crowd moving to the groove.

Having seen Buckcherry many times over the years I will admit that the band gave a good performance, but with a bill so diverse it was hard to follow Hell Yeah with Buckcherry...the 2 bands are really different & for me personally, I found the Hell Yeah set to be the best of the night.