Mar 31, 2015

Coal Chamber / Filter - Rams Head Live

By Bob Suehs


Coal Chamber / Filter / Combichrist / American Head Charge

March 31, 2015

Rams Head Live

Baltimore, Maryland

FILTER Set List: You Walk Away, Trip Like I Do, We Hate It, Jurrasitol, The Take, No Love, Hey Man Nice Shot, Welcome To The Fold

COAL CHAMBER Set List: Loco, Big Truck, I.O.U. Nothing, Fiend, Rowboat, Something To Be Told, Clock, Drove, Not Living, Dark Days, I, Rivals, No Home, Oddity, Sway

I remember interviewing American Head Charge singer Martin Cock several years ago and he told me afterwards that being in Baltimore was a weird flashback for him because he used to score his drugs right down the road from where they were playing on that particular evening. Flash forward many years later and American Head Charge performed an all instrumental set due to Martin being a no-show just before show time!

This show was the last night of the tour for American Head Charge because they dropped off for undisclosed reasons the following night. The band members have never kept their drug use a secret and on this night it was apparent that some demons had never left the band.

I arrived mid Combichrist set and what caught my eye immediately was the fact that they have some new blood in the live band and their sound/look is a tad less dark at this point other than their death metal bassist. Watching Combichrist perform on a large stage was fun but they come off better on a smaller stage with less lighting.

Filter were co headlining with Coal Chamber and when “Filter” took the stage I was blown away to witness a brand new band with the only original member being Richard Patrick! The new line up was solid and the bands set list was primarily all heavy material with minimal breaks in the set where Richard would vent on matters such as his relationship with Trent Reznor, a chant of “Fuck Kanye & Jay Z”, & how he hated certain politicians. Patrick was on fire and the words that came out of his mouth were as venomous as the music Filter performed! “Take A Picture” was omitted from the set and that was probably the only bummer of their set.

When Filter completed their set and you could literally see a portion of the crowd exit the venue. Coal Chamber had full sound, full stage, and full control over the evening BUT I will admit that Filter was a hard act to follow!

Dez and co. took the stage with a sonic thud of nu-metal and thus Coal Chamber were back from the dead in 2015. Meegs was posing for me during the 2nd song of the set and when he put his foot on his monitor he didn’t realize his monitor was light weight. He immediately lost his footing and fell flat on the ground!

I always hated when Coal Chamber would use an electronic drum kit and was pleased to see the band sporting a full drum set for the tour. Dez performed a kick ass set and you would never know he had a really bad cold because he worked through it like a pro!

The venue was around 1/2 of it’s capacity with the upstairs closed off. The downstairs filled in decent but overall the show was far from sold out. All in all this was a fun night for 90’s metal/industrial music....for guitar players it was a sad reminder of how that era had no guitar solos!