Sep 26, 2015

The Toadies

By Bob Suehs The Toadies have always retained 90’s rock respect yet sadly never went as far as they should have. It’s perseverance that made Vaden and the boys push forward and remain active in the musical world and their latest effort “Heretics” will be released on 9/18/15.

This record is an interestingly mellow mix of new and old material which has all been stripped down and redefined.

“Possum Kingdom” sounds a tad darker in it’s stripped down form when Vaden asks, “Do you Wanna Die?”, and “Rattler’s Revival” has such a catchy hook.

“Heart of Glass” by Blondie is an interesting cover....I was never particularly crazy about disco but the Toadies made this song rock to a point where it’s good!

What I will say about this record is that the classic songs stand up quite well unplugged and it’s a no brainer that almost every Toadies song could easily translate to an acoustic arrangement because every Toadies song is well written and many probably started out on an acoustic!

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