Mar 27, 2012

FIX: The Ministry Movie

By Bob Suehs

FIX: The Ministry Movie


When you think of the band Ministry there's a dark void area because Al Jourgenson never really made himself extremely accessible when it came to the media. Sure, he did an occasional interview & would appear here & there, BUT, he maintained a mystique by simply not being seen too much in the media...he allowed his dark aura & his music to be what he was best known by.

The new movie/tour documentary entitled "Fix" will soon change all of that because this documentary on the bands 1996 tour which features the most candid footage EVER seen of Al Jourgenson, Paul Barker & the touring band they had at that point will make you see Al as a person because up until now he was almost like the Wizard of Oz, he hid behind the dreads, hats & this movie though you see the real Al!

Doug Freel did a great job documenting everything on & off stage during the 1996 "Sphinctour" tour & the movie can be viewed in several different ways....if you look at the small picture you see all the crazy antics Al & company did while on tour BUT if you look at the big picture you walk away from this movie with the realization that hard drug use leads to death & destruction.

This movie shows Al shooting drugs several times & you also see him heating the spoon up, tying his arm off & the actual injecting is partially's done in a way that you know it's legit YET you don't see the needle go into the vein....I'm supposing it was done that way to avoid legal issues? Regardless you can tell it's legit & Al's drug use leads to random paranoia, conspiracy theories & during one such rant towards the end of the film you can literally see Paul Barker looking like he's annoyed & he almost acts as if he wishes he wasn't there...that's the reality of hard drug use & this movie documents it well.

The Interviews with Dave Navarro & Trent Reznor are interesting because in one part Navarro states that while most of Jane's Addiction were hardcore addicts, when they ran into Al Jourgenson they all said, "Atleast we're not as bad as that guy!" because Al was an extreme drug user from the way they make it sound in the movie.

Maynard from Tool calls out Limp Bizkit in the movie when he explains how he felt like when Ministry took some time off that they left a gap in the rock world that allowed a shitty band like Limp Bizkit to make it!

Al Jourgenson exposes his genitals way too much in this movie..I will state that for the record! There's actually alot o' male nudity in this movie & for a rock band you might expect to see naked women, but there's actually no naked women, just naked men!

There's one particularly awkward scene where David from Jesus Lizard goes onstage with Ministry & David is totally naked...he walks about the stage infront of the sea o' Ministry fans & it's just kinda weird because he's prancing around naked & at one point Al kisses him on the lips...there was probably many underaged kids in attendance & it was just sorta weird to see at a Ministry show.

That's not the only time David is naked in the movie either, but you'll see for yourself when you see the movie!

Al & Paul are doing a photo shoot at one point & Al decided to mess with the catering table...he pulls his pants down exposing his penis & grabs a whole turkey that he assumed a label guy would be eating & Al goes on to start fucking the turkey...literally, shoving his dick into the cavity of the turkey & pounding the shit out of it...that scene lasts for probably a full minute!

Al shoved what looked like a duster in his ass during another clip & he moons the camera a fair amount as will see way more of Al in this movie than you ever though you would!

There's a scene where Al tells a roadie to go out & wrangle up girls from the crowd..he says to tell the girls that the band loves sex & they all want blow jobs...NO love, NO pics, NO autographs, they just wanna get blown before the show....after the roadie leaves Al tells the camera that sometimes it works when you just ask a girl in the crowd for a BJ...they never show footage of what girls took the offer though!

The interview clips with Buzz from the Melvins are kinda weird & at one point he states that he doesn't know if Al is an act or if he's really the mess he pretends to be...then at the very end of the movie Al states that the movie was all a joke & that he's not really a mess like he portrayed...I might add that he was f**ked up when he said that!

This movie is also the first time you really see Al without the bandana, glasses & see a different man than who's can see Al's hair was thinning badly back in '96 & that's why he wore the adornments on his head & I give Al credit for allowing this monster of a film to finally see the light of day.

Lemmy from Motorhead is in the movie a few times & in one scene Al gives Lemmy some sorta pills...probably the most off the wall clip in this movie was the clip of Casey Chaos from AMEN...I'm not sure why he was trying to come off like such a bad ass BUT the act was weird & Casey has gained a serious amount of weight...AMEN is an amazing band & I wish Casey could get his shit together & put out some new music & tour the States again!

If this movie plays in your area I would highly advise you to check it out...this is a great documentary on how to NOT live your life...the stories are amazing & trust me, I told some really juicy details in this review BUT I didn't tell them all..there's alot to see in this movie & this review is just to wet your appetite...this 90 minute movie will blow you away! I would NOT suggest taking small children to this movie nor would I advise the younger fans to take their parents...this is a gritty movie!

Interesting side note, both Timothy Leary & William S. Burroughs are in the movie, they were friends of Al & they have both passed away prior this movie ever saw the light of day!

There's a scene where the bands 2 touring guitarists go to a White Supremacist rally & when the band plays Texas Al starts to wear a bullet proof vest because he feels like he's going to be assasinated.

I'll end this review with my favorite quote from Al...Al said that he felt like an over paid baby sitter because parents send their kids to see Ministry & they pay $50 for a ticket so Al can watch their kids while the parents stay at home & f*ck for an hour....I guess the same logic can be applied to this movie in some respects.