Oct 6, 2010

Slayer (Dave Lombardo) - Interview 2010

By Bob Suehs


On October 6, 2010 I had the opportunity to conduct an in-person interview with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in the back lounge of the bands tour bus & guitarist Jeff Henneman joined in for a minute as well.

When I entered the bands bus the first thing I heard was a John Bonham drum solo...they were blaring some loud & live Led Zeppelin...Henneman was in the front of the bus being mellow & enjoying the Zep while Lombardo was in the back area signing a HUGE stack of Slayer posters.

Here's how the interview went:

Rock N Roll Experience: "When you tour are you afraid of bed bugs?"

Dave Lombardo: I've thought about it...yeah, but I don't think about it alot, but I have thought about it & hopefully the sheets are clean & the hotels we stay at are nice.

Rock N Roll Experience: In regards to the "Big 4" tour with Metallica, I don't really think Metallica should have been on that bill...Metallica left the thrash metal scene a long time ago whereas Slayer never did...do you agree with that?


Dave Lombardo: Yeah, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that they are who they are and they did start off as what they were & the fact that they are willing and acknowledging where they came from means alot. I think maybe there should have been EXODUS on the bill.

Rock N Roll Experience: Or TESTAMENT

Dave Lombardo: NO! EXODUS because Kirk Hammett came from EXODUS.

Rock N Roll Experience: There's a sad trend right now where young people who are in the closet with their sexuality are killing themselves...how do you feel about that?

Dave Lombardo: Come out of the closet and start talking about it, people have to listen, they can't turn their backs on that...that's what I have to say about that, it just needs to be out in the open so they can feel comfortable.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Have you read Dave Mustaine's autobiography?"

Dave Lombardo: No. Will I? No! Maybe skim through it, I'll go to the glossary to see if my name is mentioned, if not then I don't need to look at it! (laughs)


Rock N Roll Experience: "In Mustaine's book he swears he put hex's or curses on people, do you believe that?"

Dave Lombardo: No! I don't. From him? No! (laughs) No!

Rock N Roll Experience: How do you feel about bands who charge their fans to meet them?

Dave Lombardo: Who is?

Rock N Roll Experience: Megadeth charges fans for meet & greet packages.

Dave Lombardo: (says to Jeff Henneman) Megadeth charges fans to meet the band!

Jeff Henneman: Charging fans to meet the band? Fuck!

Dave Lombardo: There you go...you never know

Rock N Roll Experience: So how has this tour been, have you had fun?

Dave Lombardo: Yeah, I try to have as much fun as I can...drinking on the bus, causing chaos inside, whatever it is, you try to make as much fun out of it as you can.

Jeff Henneman: We should start charging people for being dicks! (laughs)

Dave Lombardo: There you go! There you go! Yup!

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you actually getting along with Dave Mustaine on this tour? I have to ask because I know back years ago on the Clash of the Titans tour there were problems.

Dave Lombardo: Yeah...that was then & this is now, there is nothing...we barely even see him (Mustaine), I don't see him. I don't see him at all. Every now and then we'll brush shoulders going down the hallway or we'll punch each other & we'll go bam & that's it.

Rock N Roll Experience: "When will you write your autobiography?"

Dave Lombardo: I'm not going to write a book. Somebody will write a book for me after I'm out of here, but maybe...I would never rule anything out.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you know Kirk Hammett is writing his autobiography?"

Dave Lombardo: Don't you think they (Metallica) area little young to write books? I think so...it's half way through their lives, they should wait.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Would you ever do the School of Rock thing where you teach kids how to play drums?"

Dave Lombardo: Yeah...I would. I'm cool that way, sure, why not.