Mar 6, 2012

Mindless Self Indulgence - Ram's Head Live

By Bob Suehs


March 6, 2012

Baltimore, MD

Trying to recall all the details of a Mindless Self Indulgence's much like waking up with random bruises from partying too hard & trying to recall how you acquired said's impossible to nail down all the facts so you just go with what you can piece together!

Ironic that I was not working this show... I was there for fun and it was a night off....what's a "night off" when I'm at a rock show though?

My mind is constantly churning & this show was entertaining on every level...the music, much like the bands stage show is an equal mix of weirdness, wonder, willingness to be careless & there's a brilliant sense of danger & daring when the 4 members of Mindless Self Indulgence take the stage.

Morningwood opened the show and the bands singer is married to Jimmy from MSI which explains why during part of their set Jimmy came onstage in his underwear & allowed his wife to dress him.

Morningwood's set mixed punk, pop, aerobics, Olivia Newton John meets Andrew WK, energy and pop power...Morningwood are fun and this is being billed as their last tour ever because the 2 core members are supposed to work on solo records.

The crowd for this show was just as colorful as the bands onstage...there were drag queens, interesting uses for "Do Not Cross Tape", rainbow colored tights, fake hair, bad wigs, weird tattoos & what I did recognize was just how much the bands core crowd has changed over the years....I saw them on their first tour & the crowd was crazy and more art-damaged than hot topic mall shopper....the proof in the crowd change was when a girl threw an Ugg boot onstage....years ago the core crowd couldn't afford uggs!

Douche Bags were tossed onstage all night & Jimmy took pride in dumping the juice all over the crowd over & over again & random pieces of clothing were tossed on & offstage throughout the entire show.

Glow sticks were the most popular item of the night & I'd say about 50% of the crowd was under 21 based on all the black x's on the hands in that crowd.

Jimmy described himself as James Brown meets Pee Wee Herman & I'd say that was 100% accurate!

As a fan of live music I had a hard time determining which parts were played live & which parts were pre-recorded because a large percentage of the music was pre-recorded while Jimmy's vocals were always live.

Jimmy dedicated a song to Whitney Houston's crack pipe, then went on the belittle Kesha, Katy Perry & pop music in general while asking the crowd to cloth his stuffed animal dog.

Steve's looks changed drastically since last tour....he's got long black hair & sports a bandana at all times & what I give the band credit for is, through the last decade they've grown up, had kids & aged a little, BUT they still look young & basically the same as they always did.

The sexual innuendo's were there for both Morningwood & MSI's sets & the best way I could sum up an MSI live show experience is that it's like going to see The Rocky Horror Picture show for 2012...the crowd loves the shit outta the band, they throw stuff onstage to show their love for the band and the band is abusive to the crowd which they just love!

At one point Jimmy commented that he saw Adele on TV sitting her fat ass down to sing & he decided he wanted to be a fat ass like her in hopes of winning 6 Grammies & he went to the side bar, grabbed a stool & sat down for a song...MSI music doesn't work sitting down!

At the end of the show Jimmy sang a few lines from "Master of Puppets" by Metallica overtop a synth drone & that was basically the end of the show....the band played a set that lasted just a little under 2 hours & then they immediately came out to meet fans & made sure everyone who wanted to meet them had the opportunity to get an autograph or picture!

Mindless Self Indulgence are a unique brand that's selling artistic freedom, chaos & comedy to the fans of music who still like to dress up & have a fun time....sadly though the core fan base is starting to be replaced with kiddies BUT that happens over time with every band that hangs around a decade or so!