Mar 9, 2021

Dirty Honey - "Dirty Honey"

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“Dirty Honey”

Dirty Honey is:

Marc LaBelle • Vocals;   John Notto • Guitars;   Justin Smolian • Bass;   Corey Coverstone • Drums

Dirty Honey burst onto the rock scene with a handful of songs and an intense live show which earned them a devoted fanbase.  There was no physical release available for sale until the demand became too great and the band put out a self released Vinyl only EP which they sold at gigs across the country.  

 Dirty Honey received a healthy dose of radio airplay on active rock radio and their singles, “When I’m Gone” and “Rolling 7’s” are still spun across the US while fans anticipate the release of the bands debut full length release.

 Random facts: Drummer Corey Coverstone has studied with jazz and L.A. session drummers but loves heavy metal; Guitarist John Notto grew up listening to ’70s funk and R&B as well as rock 'n' roll, and bassist Justin Smolian has a bachelor of music in classical guitar.

 The day before the band members were due to fly to Australia to track their debut full length album, Los Angeles entered lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and traveling was off the table.  Dirty Honey was still eager to work with producer Nick DiDia so they devised a Plan B: recording the full-length in a Los Angeles studio with one of DiDia's long-time engineers, and the producer beamed into the proceedings via the magic of modern technology.

Here is a track by track breakdown of the new Dirty Honey full length record which hits stores on April 23, 2021

 “California Dreamin” - 


I'm California dreamin'

And it's tearing us apart

It's paranoia season

It's in our minds and our hearts

This is the lead single for the record and it’s a drivin’ rocker that brings together groove with hard rock energy.  Think “Rocks” era Aerosmith because this is a timeless rocker!

“The Wire”

“But your LA kisses they still blow my mind

Cause I'm a fool for you and all those things that ya do”

This song has a killer hook, booty shakin’ rhythm, and Marc sings his ass off.  Dirty Honey are a reflection of their influences and this one captures the best of 70’s Arena rock.

“Tied Up”

 “Now I'm tied up

But I love the way you move”

This seductive rocker has a double meaning.  Notto is a creative riff master and this one displays his creativity and guitar prowess.  What's interesting about Notto's guitar tones are how they remain dirty yet never lean too far on the gain and stay clear.

“Take My Hand”

 “Take my hand and you'll understand I'm just a sinner too”

The main guitar riff sounds slightly like “Cochise” by Audioslave and this track is the one that truly differs from all the rest.  


“I roll in a desert wind with a broken smile and a heart that's on the mend”

Starting with a simple drum beat which leads into a liquid riff, this one moves fast and rocks hard.  A common theme on this record is how every song has a hard rock edge and much like AC/DC you can tell immediately that you are listening to Dirty Honey because the band has a distinct sound that makes them different from every other band out there today.


“No Warning”

“Now I'm living for the night

Cause nothing's guaranteed”

The chorus has a Cream inspired riff, this one is a stand out track.  

“The Morning”

“The morning can't wait until the morning”

This straight ahead rocker is a lesson in rock ethics:  Killer vocals, strong rhythm, and chunky guitars!

“Another Last Time”

“Gone are your blood shot eyes and your wicked ways

And after all this time are you here to stay”

This bluesy ballad closes the album our perfectly and this one will be the big single off the record if it gets released as a single.  Marc’s vocals cling to the ears with passion while the band play their part in this tender ballad.  The interesting thing about this entire record is that it’s the perfect mix of The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, and even Guns N Roses.  Blues based rock n roll with amazing vocals are what make Dirty Honey shine on this record.

Dirty Honey wrote many of these songs on the road and tested them live prior to recording them.

 This record is the blueprint for how to make good Rock N Roll:  Blues, Soul, Emotion, Powerful Riffs, Strong Rhythm, and well written songs about love, loss, and good times. 

Author: Bob Suehs